He Pulled the Mind Out of the Body – and Healed

“After that one meditation … from that day forward … I have not been sick at all. It’s the most phenomenal thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Years ago, in the span of a couple of months, Ryan went from seeming perfectly healthy to being barely able to function. What began as a mild pain in his side rapidly escalated into an inability to eat – or, most days, get out of bed. Doctors couldn’t determine a cause, but Ryan suspects that stress and anger were fueling his illness and symptoms.

As he began to do this work – especially the breath Dr Joe calls “Pulling the Mind Out of the Body” – Ryan began to notice a cycle. After each practice, there was a small window where he could eat without any discomfort. Inspired, he went to a Week Long Advanced Retreat, where he witnessed volunteers onstage demonstrating the power of the breath to move energy. The next time he practiced it, he had a breakthrough.

“I don’t know what happened, but I was – I was gone,” Ryan says today. “I went somewhere in this black space. And when I came back … after that one meditation, I went, and I ate, and I ate everything. And from that day forward, I have not been sick at all.”

Recorded February 2024 via Zoom.