He Focused on Wholeness – and Healed Erectile Dysfunction

“My goal was to be whole in health. I wasn't thinking it was even possible to heal. On night two, these tears came gushing out of me. And my heart was just crying out in grief – and releasing all the pain.”

When Jonathan recently underwent surgery for rectal cancer, he hadn’t known a possible side-effect was severe erectile dysfunction – something many men struggle with but are reluctant to talk about openly.

Because the threat of recurring cancer and invasive treatment still loomed, Jonathan wasn’t focused on the ED when he arrived at a retreat with Dr Joe. Instead, he focused on wholeness. Soon, he felt his heart opening, infused with energy. By the second night of the retreat, his body had responded. “My body is working 100 percent perfectly,” Jonathan says today. “No pain, no constrictions, no – nothing. I feel magical.”

Recorded at the Orlando Week Long Advanced Retreat in October 2023