She Overcame Herself – and Symptoms of Liver Failure

“It was ... an immense amount of energy; unlike anything I've ever felt; moving through my body ... but I had this sense of safety throughout it. And this sense of, this is exactly what needs to happen.”

At her first Week Long Advanced Retreat, Chelsea was profoundly moved by her experience as a healer in the live Coherence Healing™ sessions – something that would prove deeply meaningful later in her own healing journey. Shortly before attending her second retreat, she began experiencing symptoms of what eventually presented as liver failure, which sent her to the hospital – and on a quest to determine what was expressing itself through her body.

Returning from the hospital just in time to attend Coherence Healing sessions at her second retreat, Chelsea was selected to be a healee. She went into the meditations with clear intentions to overcome her environment, her body, and time. She was going to release any resistance or fear – and fully surrender.

As energy surged through her body, she felt a deep sense of gratitude; a knowing that this was exactly where she was meant to be and what she needed to experience. And by the time she went in for tests on returning home, Chelsea’s liver levels had returned to normal.

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in February 2024