SOURCE – It’s Within You

SOURCE – It’s Within You

Dr Joe Dispenza | 26 March 2024

This week marks a milestone for this community. In a couple of days, the documentary film SOURCE – It’s Within You will premiere at University of California San Diego, home to the leaders of our scientific research team.

More than a year in the making, SOURCE celebrates this work and the important research being done by that team. And it tells the story in a way that connects our scientific studies with our community – with you – sharing the groundbreaking data and real-life testimonials that are proof of the power we all have within.

As my team and I have prepared for the release of the film, I’ve been reflecting on other milestones in this work – and the people who have made this moment possible. Later this week, some of us will gather for a Dr Joe Live to talk about the journey to SOURCE. I’d like to invite you to join us for that conversation this Friday, March 29, at 12 p.m. PDT / 3 p.m. EDT.

We decided to dedicate an entire Dr Joe Live to this topic because so many of you have expressed such excitement about the film – and have asked for more information about what to expect when it’s released.

If you’re already a Dr Joe Live member, you should have received your invitation to this week’s conversation. If you’d like to subscribe and join us, you can do so here. Those of you who tune in will get to hear about some of the research and stories featured in the documentary, and the effort and teamwork it took to bring it to the screen.

As SOURCE has come to life over these many months, my team and I have come to think of it simply as “proof of what’s possible.” The impetus for this long journey we’ve been on together, essentially, was a hypothesis I developed many years ago about a higher intelligence within us and our ability to heal ourselves.

I invite you to think about what that means to you and tune in to SOURCE – the film celebrating this work, and the divine consciousness within you. I can’t wait to share this important documentary with you. I hope you’ll join us this Friday to learn more about it.


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