Celebrating the Effects of Remote Coherence Healing™ in Children

Celebrating the Effects of Remote Coherence Healing™ in Children

Dr Joe Dispenza | 06 June 2023

This is a longer post than I usually write … but I’ve been receiving a lot of great news and exciting updates from our community, and I want to share all of it with you.

In the years I’ve been evolving the tenets, teachings, and practices of this work, I’ve had some truly thrilling revelations and moments – moments that have shifted my beliefs and inspired me in life-changing ways. Even though I know we’re greater than we think; more powerful than we know; more unlimited than we could ever dream … I still am amazed by the profound effects of our community’s collective healing energy.

Recently, my Coherence Healing team has shared some results with me that have moved me in this way – early findings from their remote healing sessions with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.

Of the many requests we get for information, guidance, and healing, one of the questions my team receives most frequently involves healing for children diagnosed with ASD. That’s one of the reasons my Official Remote Healing Group, COHERENCE, decided to dedicate some of their sessions to what we’re calling our Autism Spectrum Disorder Healings.

While we haven’t yet done an empirical, double- or triple-blind study, this informal experiment has provided us with extremely useful input and information. All of our data, at this point, is based on survey responses. But I want to emphasize the significance of where that information is coming from: the parents who are full-time caregivers for their children. Parents who live with and observe their kids all day, every day. Parents who know, better than anyone else, their children’s habits and patterns – especially kids who depend on those established routines to get through their day. Parents who notice, more than anyone, when those children deviate from those routines.

And, while we’re still in the very early stages of this work, we’re getting feedback that is nothing short of outstanding.

I want to let those parents speak for themselves – because their testimonials are more powerful than anything I could say to convey the early impacts of these healings. But first, I want to share some information about how we set up these sessions … and what we’re seeing, in terms of apparent success rates, so far.


COHERENCE Remote Autism Spectrum Disorder Healings

To begin, we selected a very small group of boys, age 6-11. Each boy received two remote Coherence Healings a week for six weeks – for a total of 12 Coherence Healing sessions. Parents of those boys filled out surveys before the sessions began, and then once a week throughout the six weeks of the study.

Since that initial six-week period, our group has worked with other children diagnosed with ASD. And, because this was an informal study, we reviewed and incorporated survey answers from their parents, as well.

Margaret Curley, our Official Coherence Healing Group coordinator, asked parents for feedback in five categories:

  • Health, gross and fine motor development, and motor control
  • Sensory processing
  • Verbal communication
  • Comprehensive communication
  • Sociability

And here are preliminary results – based, again, on survey input from parents.

For the initial group of boys who received 12 healings over six weeks, we saw a percentage improvement – for the five categories – of:

  • Health and motor skills – 100%
  • Sensory processing – 71%
  • Verbal communication – 40%
  • Comprehensive communication – 80%
  • Sociability – 100 %

For the boys we worked with subsequently, with fewer healings among them, we saw a percentage improvement – for the five categories – of:

  • Health and motor skills – 71%
  • Sensory processing – 50%
  • Verbal communication – 43%
  • Comprehensive communication – 71%
  • Sociability – 71%

And here’s an even more amazing statistic. When we followed up with the parents more than three weeks later – meaning the boys were not receiving ongoing Coherence Healings – and asked if their children had sustained the gains they made, the response for both groups of boys was 100 percent affirmative in every single category, with only one exception. Sustained sociability gains had dropped slightly from 100 percent to 86 percent in the first group of boys.

With the exception of verbal communication, the parents of these kids reported improvements in every category more than 50 percent of the time. In my experience, that type of result is unheard of.

Now, I want to state again: we aren’t, at this point, doing any objective measurements. These statistics are based entirely on what the parents are reporting. To me, there is no better measurement than the perception of parents who know every aspect of how their children behave.

Here are just some of the powerful, moving testimonials they’ve shared with us.


In Their Own Words …

“His digestion has been perfect and he’s sleeping so good! He’s been going to sleep on his own! (I have had to lay with him until he falls asleep for the last four years).”

“This week, for the first time in his life, my son is taking afternoon naps. It was 10 years since my child developed severe sleeping problems – and now he takes naps. Imagine my happiness.”

“My son only moved his bowels nine times in 30 days before the healing, chronically constipated and withholding behaviors. Since the ASD healing on March 23 [his very first Coherence Healing session], his bowels have moved once or twice every day with no issue and no medical intervention required.”

“He stood up on stage at the school Easter show, dressed up in an owl costume like his peers – wore a mask and followed the actions. This is a huge transformation. Last year, his anxiety was so great, he couldn’t go into the school in costume and we had to go home.”

“He has progressed greatly this week with his speech (learning to pronounce new words), allowing him to become more independent and explore his surroundings. … He’s interacting a lot more with adults and kids in a warm, responsive way. He has made us proud of his progress.”

“Since the very first Coherence session, he’s been talking much clearer. That cannot go unnoticed.”

There are so many positive improvements, I can’t list them all here. He’s just pure joy and love and so present. It’s so sweet to watch how pleased he seems with himself. That’s the best part … he’s comfortable in his own skin and proud of himself for the first time in a long time.”

“He’s following directions! This is so big, for safety mostly. When we’re walking and he goes to run off, and I say, “Stop,” he does. If he grabs something in the kitchen and he shouldn’t, and I ask him to give it to me, he does! There are so many of these instances in the past week, it’s unbelievable.”

“I’m having so much fun seeing him respond in ways I haven’t seen for a long time. He most always turns to me when I say his name this week.”


Undeniable Effects … After Years of Frustration

These are just a few of the many, many testimonials we've received from parents – parents who had tried everything, and nothing worked. They tried special diets. They tried pharmaceuticals. They tried occupational therapy. Physical therapy. Speech therapy. In these examples, it was matter trying to change matter – and their children were unresponsive.

And then, after only 12 remote Coherence Healing sessions (even fewer for some), our informal data indicated almost universally positive change, based on the greatest measurement there could be – the observations and experience of the parents caring for the child.

These early findings are so powerful – and so promising. And they’re some of the most significant results we’ve seen. Our Coherence Healing coordinator, Margaret, agrees. Sharing recent survey results with us, she said:

“I’ve been involved in remote Coherence Healing for more than five years and have witnessed many beautiful transformations and miraculous healings. What we’re seeing with these children is truly exceptional – in terms of the number of children responding, the significance of the changes, and the speed with which it’s happening.”


Next Steps: Changing the World … One Person at a Time

Margaret and our team are just getting started. Later this month, COHERENCE is undertaking a second, informal, six-week study of the impact of Coherence Healing on autism. The healees in this study will be young adults – 14 to 25 years old – with a similar range of symptoms. We’re excited to find out whether the changes we’re seeing with young children will occur with people who are at very different stages of brain development and duration of symptoms.

Eventually, we’ll apply more scientific rigor to these studies to objectively measure the effects of Coherence Healing on children with ASD. In the meantime, our team is continuing to see major effects on the children they’re working with.

Our Coherence Healing groups and sessions evolved from the experience and wisdom of the many people who have healed themselves in this work. They’ve done so by applying the principle that, if you change the information in the field of energy that creates matter, you can change the destiny of matter itself.

And so, having witnessed so many people heal themselves in this way, we asked the question: is it possible for us to heal another person? In this case, can we influence the physical and emotional states of children diagnosed with ASD?

This is what motivates and inspires the people in COHERENCE – and our other trained healers around the world. They don’t do it for money or recognition. They do it for love. They do it, simply, to give. They do it to give back to the community. They do it for the gratification of seeing another’s transformation.

They do it for that moment they can share with a grateful parent who describes their changed little boy as “pure joy and love.”

And they do it to continuously improve … because, eventually, we will have the scientific data to back up the anecdotes; the observations; the healing testimonials. And, together, we can change the world ... one person at a time.



Have questions about how a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder might be included in our Coherence Healing™ sessions? You can learn more here.

Please note: Due to the high level of interest, it may take some time for our team to respond. We appreciate your patience.