Harnessing Your Energy

Harnessing Your Energy

Dr Joe Dispenza | 14 August 2015

Technology has made it easier to communicate with each other. Not too long ago the fastest way to reach someone – outside of a face-to-face conversation – was via letter or telegraph. Responses could take days or even weeks and by then the information may have no longer been relevant. The advent of cell phones, social media, and email has provided us near instantaneous communication whenever or wherever we want – most of the time.

If you grew up in the pre-digital era you’re familiar with rabbit ears on television sets. The signal at times provided an erratic, imperfect picture interrupted by periodic bursts of abrasive white noise that sounded like plastic bags being crumpled. This same din could also be heard on the radio. When you hear static on the broadcast it means you’re not tuned into the right frequency. The only way to get rid of it was by either adjusting the antenna or turning the dial.

Of course, we still live in a world of static.   Think about the last time you hit a “dead” zone and your cell phone signal started to break up. Better technology hasn’t completely eliminated interference and in some ways may have made it worse.

Think about all the time you spend on your cell phone either talking or texting. What about all those work emails or Facebook posts? You’re very likely spending a lot of time and energy communicating with others and not a lot of time with yourself.

In a strange twist, we’re more in tune with our coworkers, friends or family than we are with ourselves. Put another way – we’re incoherent. Coherence is a scientific principle that explains the relative clarity of a signal. Going back to the example from earlier, coherence is a clear image on a TV or good reception on the radio.

But that’s just the end product, what we see. Coherent signals are typically highly organized, balanced and rhythmic. This energy or information is the raw materials that allow for creation. Incoherence is the opposite; it’s the distorted, scrambled noise you hear when you’re driving and move out of range.

Our brain and body are constantly sending and receiving signals. In a previous post I discussed how biophotons emitted from our DNA may be responsible for the operation of our biological systems. Biophotons are a highly coherent form of energy that allow for communication between cells and an external energy field.

The mechanistic model of the universe relies on molecular reactions to explain how our bodies work. In this framework we are little more than a series of chain reactions. Biophotons offer a different way of understanding. Biophotonic emissions are much more fluid in nature and respond to information being received. This information is communicated between cells which then make adjustments. Jazz musicians are famous for improvisation which is similar to how biophotons work. The musicians start with a basic sound then play off each other to create a new piece. This is only possible because each musician is listening and making informed choices about how to respond. The end result is a seemingly polished piece of music.

Now, all energy has a frequency and all frequency carries information. According to my interpretation of the Quantum Model of Reality, all disease can be seen as a lowering of frequency and an incoherent vibration of matter. Or, put another way, all disease is a result of incoherence.

It all comes back to communication. The more incoherent the signal the less light and information is exchanged between cells. The resulting change in energy yields a corresponding change in frequency. This frequency range is more matter and less energy. Because there is less energy the cells cannot properly execute their biological functions, and that leads to disease or illness.

What does an incoherent message look like? The easiest way to conceptualize the idea is to think of a thought, feeling or emotion that carries personal weight. This thought, feeling or emotion has an energy that directly impacts how you think and how you feel.

For instance, when you recall that memory of when you got married it does something to you. Maybe you feel calm or happy or maybe the memory evokes anger because it gets you thinking about your ex-husband/wife. Your response sends a signal from your brain to your body which responds in a specific way which provokes a response from your brain.

If the signal you’re sending is incoherent, the only way to get out of the loop outlined above is by raising your energy. You need a stronger signal to override the noise and drown out the past. Much like a car driving out of range, you need to get closer to the source if you want clarity and understanding.

We’ve taught students how to change their coherence by using meditation to access the brain’s inner control panel. Our tests have shown that it’s possible to create heightened amplitudes of coherent energy that, in many cases, has produced measurable differences in overall health. We have also instructed students how to activate and maintain states of heart coherence by cultivating elevated emotions though their heart. When the brain (thoughts) and the body (feelings) are both aligned to the same level of synchrony, the side effect is a significant and quantifiable increase in biophotonic emissions surrounding the body – which we have measured. This idea sounds complex, however, once you tune your brain and body into the right energy and information, you’ll find it’s easier than you expected.


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