My Thoughts on the Global Meditation

My Thoughts on the Global Meditation

Dr Joe Dispenza | 20 November 2015

Our workshops have historically been about people overcoming themselves, about an individual getting something they want or need by using the meditations we provide. This focus on self is healthy given the right context. After all, only when we take care of ourselves are we truly able to care for others. Put another way, people who are hyper focused on themselves are less likely to think about the issues others face.

We came up with the idea for the live global streaming meditation from listening to the comments made by students in our Advanced Workshops. We saw how 550 participants moved into heart coherence at seemingly the same time during the same meditation on the same day and how they influenced others who were wearing heart rate monitors to move into heart coherence at a remote location. I discussed this phenomenon in a previous post; however the concept is worth mentioning again.

We are all bound by an invisible field of energy that lies beyond space and time. So, when we go into heart coherence we’re actually sending out a measurable magnetic signal to the field. Furthermore, we have the ability to adjust the message we are sending. Remember, all frequency carries information. Thus, by changing our energy and becoming heart centered, and then focusing our thoughts with intention, we change the information that is sent and received. On an individual level we all can project a feeling of gratitude and have the energy associated with that elevated emotion carry a specific message and have it spread beyond just the self.

The goal of our global meditation was to use this principle to raise the Earth’s frequency and elevate our collective consciousness. We are, in essence, making an effort to heal the planet by projecting a feeling, with the intention of greatest good for all, into the field. We asked for your participation and I am humbled by the response. More than 4,000 people in 64 countries tuned in to our live event. I am profoundly touched by this selfless act.

We know that peace gathering events like our global meditation can positively influence the rate of crime, terrorism, violence, and car accidents as well as stimulate economic growth. The larger question science is still trying to sort out is how the process works.

There are some interesting theories that help us understand our connection to each other. The first is the hundredth monkey effect. The name comes from a study of macaque monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima. Researchers noticed the monkeys learned how to wash potatoes and passed this skill onto younger generations. However, once a certain number of monkeys collectively learned this task (100) the behavior seemed to spread to other monkeys on neighboring islands in remote locations.

We see this same idea in Bell’s Theorem. Physicist John Stewart Bell believed that no one natural law could explain quantum physics. This ran counter to Einstein’s belief that a unifying idea governed everything. Indeed, Einstein labeled this seeming lack of order as “spooky action at a distance.”

The premise behind Bell’s Theorem is that particles that have interacted with each other have the ability to affect one another regardless of their distance. Once particles become entangled they can no longer be described independently of each other. They are essentially linked in an invisible field of consciousness and energy –called the quantum field –and whatever affects one affects the other at the exact same time – even if they are not physically bound together.

In other words, Einstein thought that the ceiling of this material reality of space-time was the speed of light and nothing could travel faster. Therefore, in order for information to travel from one particle to another – even at the speed of light – it would take time. So it would take time for information to travel through space to affect the other. But if these particles could be affected at the exact same time then they were connected by something else – a field of information beyond space and time.

This is a fascinating idea and one that reinforces what we’re beginning to do with our global meditations. Since we are linked by a collective field of consciousness and energy, and we are made of particles – photons and electrons, to name a few – that means what one person does has the potential to impact us all. So, when we focus our energy and surrender to an elevated emotion like gratitude or love with the intention – the thought – for the greatest good of all, we are actually creating that reality for ourselves and for others at the exact same time.

Going a step further, think about what would happen if a person goes into heart coherence by receiving this intentional energy from someone else. Not only does this person feel more inner peace and kindness but, because their energy has changed, they also have the ability to pass those feelings and thoughts to others at remote locations. If entanglement is true then anyone that person is connected to (friends, family) should be able to enter into heart coherence by receiving that same intentional energy, and so on. In this way it’s possible to see how peace could spread exponentially throughout a community.

And we don’t have to go searching for proof. We already know this in true in our own lives. We know becoming heart coherent for 10 minutes a day not only creates harmony and inner peace but physically stimulates our immune system and increases levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is a primary defense against bacteria and viruses. We see the evidence in testimonials from students who share their stories of healing and change.

I want to end with a concept called a lead lag analysis. The basic premise is that event b cannot happen without event a.   For our purposes, we know that those changes I mentioned earlier (less violence, car accidents, etc.) are dependent on the number of meditators focused on a particular issue. We had 4,000 people for our first global meditation but research suggests we need between 5,000 to 8,000 participants to make a lasting difference by meditating over a period of time and that is why we’re going to do this again and again.

Our plan is to hold a streaming global meditation every few months while we are doing workshops around the world. We hope to add more people each time so that we can truly raise the level of consciousness in the world and begin to heal the planet. Make sure to check the website and newsletter for announcements on dates and times!

As I mentioned in the beginning, our workshops are traditionally about the self. By participating in a global meditation we are becoming selfless and each act of selflessness brings us closer to the divine.

I invite you to join us and be a part of history.