Heal Yourself, Heal Others: Part II

Heal Yourself, Heal Others:

Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 21 June 2019

Imagine 750-1500 people in a room during an Advanced Weeklong event emanating from their heart an ambient magnetic field of love, and as the event progresses individual fields begin to synchronize and unionize to create a collective social coherence. When the frequencies are all organized and synchronized, if the group is in social heart coherence—and they send a thought or intention of love or healing—it begins to produce a non-local effect.

We studied this at our events by placing 50 people wearing heart-rate monitors in the front row of our workshops and asking the rest of the audience to send those people (on the frequency of love) thoughts like: Let their bodies be healed; May their lives be enriched; Allow their dreams to come true; and Open the door to the mystical. What we found was that all of the peoples’ autonomic nervous systems who were receiving those thoughts on the frequency of love were influenced. How do we know? Because all their hearts went into a high degree of coherence at the exact same time, the exact same day, in the exact same meditation. So what does that mean?

It demonstrates that when you begin to change your energy, it can bypass a person’s conscious mind—their beta brainwave thinking—and literally influence them in a non-local way. This occurs because as people change their energy and move into heart coherence, their autonomic nervous system entrains to a new frequency, and it’s the autonomic nervous system synchronizing to a new frequency that begins to move the body into balance, order, homeostasis, and self-regulation. So if a person’s heart is becoming coherent at the exact same time, then it absolutely means they are being influenced by another’s energy—in a non-local way—and thus they are going to feel differently. What do I mean by “feel” differently? Those individuals felt love, gratitude, freedom, joy, and compassion.

In the aforementioned case, we had a collective of 750-plus people, but is it possible that when you truly change your state of being and raise your frequency, it begins to produce effects in every relationship in your life? The answer is that if your energy is high enough, then your energy can literally entrain someone else to an elevated frequency. We now see this regularly when we do coherence healings at our workshops, resulting in instantaneous, miraculous changes from blindness to perfect sight, deafness to hearing, tumors disappearing, stage-4 cancer going into remission, Parkinson’s Disease, MS and Lupus disease reversing, shifts in kidney functions (such as kidney failure), changes in the brain, and so on and so on.

Our community has even begun organizing on their own to perform distant healings on those in need, after all—if you can produce a non-local effect, you don’t need to be next to the person. Why? Because if you’re truly in the unified field—the field of energy and information which connects all things physical and governs all other laws of the universe, the field where there is no separation—you are connected to everything and everyone. Thus, the more connected you are to the field, the more non-local effects you can create in your life.

As an example, we have two different documented cases where a group of eight people were working on a person in a coma. In the first example, one person—after being in a coma for two weeks—immediately came out of the coma in less than an hour of the remote healing. In the other example, when the coherence healing group started their healing, the other person in a coma had immediate significant changes within moments by speaking and moving their arms and legs right after a very serious car accident. This is a non-local change that occurred by changing one’s energy.

In another recent story a student shared, a woman pulled her car over to the side of the road to participate in a remote coherence healing. A police officer drove up next to her vehicle and got out of his car to ask her what she was doing. When he leaned in to ask her for her license and registration, he shot backwards with a puzzled look on his face. He stepped back further and as he bent forward a puzzled look came over his face. He stood straight and bent forward several times more.

"That's weird, the pain in my back is gone,” he said, “I wonder what just happened?"

She replied, “You were just loved into wholeness.”

When a person begins to feel elevated emotions, their autonomic nervous system moves back into balance and that’s when they start to heal, because that’s what the autonomic nervous system does—it organizes back into balance hormonal secretion, immune system functions, blood sugar levels, enzyme secretion, gene expression, etc. It also produces a series of more than 1300 - 1400 positive biological changes. This is why it’s entirely possible that as you begin to change and heal yourself, you can begin to heal others.

In other words—when heal yourself, you heal others…and love heals all.

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