Generosity: An Expression of Life


An Expression of Life

Dr Joe Dispenza | 16 December 2022

Now that we’re deep into the holiday season, we’re surrounded by messages about giving. But some of us feel prompted to give out of a sense of timing and obligation, rather than from a place of lighthearted joy and connection. Too often, the focus is on giving presents … instead of presence.

Have you ever found yourself approaching giving with the idea that it costs something – the time it takes to search for the “perfect gift,” or the money used to pay for it? Or, when parting with something dear to you (perhaps the gift you’re giving is something you really want for yourself), have you ever felt a sense of loss?

Now, compare that to the feeling of giving wholeheartedly – of your time; your energy; your attention; your praise – or, yes, even the “perfect gift” … the one that resonated as something that would bring joy or ease to someone close to you.

If we can distinguish between these two kinds of experiences, we can identify the difference between giving from a place of lack and separation – and giving from a place of abundance.

I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with gift-giving as part of how we observe this time of year. In fact, if we approach this season as an opportunity to practice, we can go deeper into this work – and forge deeper bonds with those we love.

And so, this time of year offers us many opportunities to practice: to practice presence … to practice compassion and caring … to practice letting go and forgiving… and to practice giving from a place of abundance and pure love.

Wealth Becomes Abundance … When It's Shared

I used to define abundance in these simple terms: to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want, as many times as I want. In other words, abundance meant ultimate freedom.

But as my practice evolved and changed – as I evolved and changed – I realized that freedom carries with it tremendous responsibility. And I started to see abundance in a different light. Now, I view it in terms of having – or feeling like I have – more than I need. And it feels so good, I want others to share the experience. I view it in terms of generosity – and community.

Abundance isn’t truly abundance unless it’s shared. And when we’re giving from a place of abundance, it shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice. It shouldn’t feel costly. Giving should feel like receiving – when it’s done in love.

You’ll see this with so many people who have created fantastic wealth through this work. The more they bring into their lives, the more they give it away. They don’t worry about loss, or cost, or not having enough – because they don’t operate from a place of separation or lack. They’re in pure flow. And the more they give away, the more they feel like they receive.

Through knowing them – and through my own experience – I’ve come to see that giving, in its purest form, is an emulation of the divine: the ultimate giver of life. If we can’t give, then we can’t express life.

In other words, giving of ourselves gives life to others. That’s why this is the season of giving. To express and recognize – to embody – the divinity within each of us.

Giving Life and Love to Another: Coherence Healing™

There’s no better example of this than the powerful work done through our Coherence Healing sessions. So many people who participate in these sessions as healers (transmitting energy to those in need of healing) tell us they feel like they’re receiving pure love – because they’re giving pure love.

And what we see, time and again, is those same people – the healers – often find healing themselves through these sessions. Because, in giving life and love to another’s life – in helping another become more whole – they become more whole.

As I’ve said before, wholeness is what we’re all seeking through this work. We may think we’ve come to it for abundance … or a new relationship … or a dream job … or to heal a diagnosed condition. But ultimately, it’s about becoming whole.

Our Coherence Healing sessions give healers an opportunity to overcome themselves – by giving freely to another. Just as wealth doesn’t become abundance until it’s shared, the same can be said of love, caring, and healing. That’s why these sessions are so powerful and life-changing … because they’re life-affirming.

When we can give freely to another, we become more whole. We become more at home in ourselves.

Remembering Ourselves in Generosity

Imagine being so whole; so blessed; we no longer want – because we’re no longer in separation. Imagine being so whole, we’re in communion with the divine. Imagine being so whole, we give freely – with no thought of loss.

And even if we’re habituated to giving in lack – or if we find ourselves in survival – we can still practice feeling abundant. We can practice feeling like we’re receiving. It starts with giving of ourselves – with consciousness and presence. Suddenly, that familiar feeling of lack is removed … when we give from a place of pure love.

As I said earlier, this time of year gives us so many opportunities to practice. And while we’re practicing love, generosity, and caring, it’s important we remember to include ourselves in those efforts. In my next post, I’ll talk about using the transition into the New Year as an opportunity to reflect on ourselves – with intention, compassion, and empathy.

If you’d like to learn more about Coherence Healing – and COHERENCE, Dr Joe’s official Remote Coherence Healing Group – you can begin by visiting our Coherence Healing website.