‘Tis the Season to Emulate the Divine

‘Tis the Season to Emulate the Divine

Dr Joe Dispenza | 23 December 2016

Whether you think of it as an entity, an energy, the unified field in quantum physics, or mother nature, the divine intelligence that governs all of this three-dimensional reality into order embodies unity and oneness. At all times this energy of wholeness and love is both within us and all around us, but we only become aware of it when we rest our attention on it. With the holidays upon us, it’s a perfect time to emulate the divine, because as we emulate it, we become more like it.

If we look at mother nature, as an example, in its natural order it is absolute, whole, regenerative, and complete. In selfless acts of rebirth and renewal, it is constantly giving back, supporting every aspect that makes up its ecosystem. As it supports all the pieces that make up the whole, it is constantly moving towards order, prosperity, and abundance. What would that look like in our own lives?

If we emulated the divine by living in a state of abundance, we would support our community (or ecosystem) by giving back that which we have in excess, whether it be financial resources, clothes, time, services, or even our presence to someone who needs it. In this act, what you’re sure to discover is that there’s a symbiotic relationship between giving and gratitude, one that also exists both within us and outside of us—from the community of our cells, to the community of our family, to the community of our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and so on.

We have just passed the winter solstice marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Whether you look at it as a seasonal or yearly cycle, as one comes to and end and another begins it’s a great opportunity for reflection, completion, and forecasting. So amidst all the frenzy of the season, make some time to pause, take inventory, and forgive others, yourself, or your losses—then learn from your mistakes and move on. This completion allows you to start planning for the new cycle, the new chapter, and the new year before you.

The holidays are an ideal time for us to be present, both with our friends and family, as well as with ourselves. It’s a time to give and give thanks, to be selfless, and appreciate the most important people in our lives. These are all qualities and characteristics of the divine, and when we start to forgive more and love more, we become more like it.

To forgive is to lighten our load, and to love is to light the way. In winter, the darkest season of the year, it’s the perfect time to bring your light to the world.