Heal Yourself, Heal Others: Part I

Heal Yourself, Heal Others:

Part I

Dr Joe Dispenza | 07 June 2019

The end product of an experience is an emotion, and emotions are energy in motion. Because where we place our attention is where we place our energy, the stronger the emotion we have towards someone, the more we give them our attention, thus we are giving them our energy.

Different emotions often correlate to the different types of relationships we have in our lives, which are based on how we experience, or have experienced, a person. As an example, if you are needy, then you may have relationships that are based on need, dependency, or lack. Because different relationships are based on different emotions, you may also have a relationship with your ex based on resentment or anger, your boss based on fear or unworthiness, or your mother based on guilt or suffering.

By the same means, if you have relationships based on love, the stronger the love you feel towards that person, the more attention and energy you give them. The same thing goes for gratitude, joy, freedom, etc. It’s emotions that allow us to energetically bond with someone in our life. So when we have an emotional connection to someone and share the same experiences, we share, relate and are bound through that same energy because there is a vibrational match.

We now know that when a person changes their energy—when they begin to open their heart and feel elevated emotions—they produce an external magnetic field. This field emanates from the fourth center, which is the center that connects us to the unified field. The heart center is the domain where opposites connect; it is the center where polarity and duality meet; and it is the connection between matter and spirit. This is the place from where wholeness starts and our divinity begins.

Because our heart is emanating a coherent field when we open it, we start feeling less polarized, less analytical, and less anxious. The result is that we begin to see life through a different prism. That frequency generated from elevated emotions carries information, so as an example, when a person changes their energy and starts laying down the thought of health or wealth, that thought of health or wealth can be carried on that frequency. The thought of health can’t be carried on the frequency or emotion of suffering because they are different frequencies, thus they carry a different set of thoughts and information. The bottom line is, elevating your emotional state can begin to literally change how you relate with people in your life. So what’s the significance of this?

If you are in personal relationships based on lower emotions like suffering, competition, frustration, anger, etc. (in other words, you are using different people to reaffirm your addiction to these different emotions or emotional agreements), when you change your energy, you’ll no longer be a vibrational match with that person.

When this happens one of two possibilities can occur. The first is that the person you changed your energy/emotional bond with will fall away. Why? Because you’re no longer paying attention to them because you no longer feel that emotion, and thus you’re no longer giving your power away to them. Since you are no longer feeling the same emotion that you formerly associated with that person, you are no longer thinking about them. When you overcome those emotions and elevate your energy, we could say that there is no longer a vibrational match with you and that person.

If you’re feeling suffering, guilt, or shame, because they are lower vibrational energies, we know over time those emotions down regulate genes, create chronic conditions, and ultimately manifest as diseases. So when a person begins to change their energetic state and broadcast a new energy into the field, is it possible that it can affect another person’s autonomic nervous system? The answer is a resounding, yes. How do we know? Because we’ve studied this countless times by taking as many as 750 people or more in a room and asking them to open their hearts to produce an external magnetic field.

So then the second possibility that can happen as you raise your energy is that instead of your energy being lowered by another person, if your energy is powerful enough you can entrain another person to your elevated emotional state.

Stay tuned for Part II when I discuss how this attunement works and what it means for healing yourself and others.