Change Your Box, Change Your Reality: Part II

Change Your Box, Change Your Reality:

Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 16 August 2019

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When you react to the problems or challenges in your life, your thoughts and feelings produce patterns in the quantum field. That’s because thoughts create electrical charges and feelings produce magnetic charges, the totality of which is the energy you broadcast on a moment to moment basis. Likewise, that energy produces corresponding patterns in your brain circuitry that release the same chemicals in your body, which affects your biology and gene expression in the same way. Ultimately, this string of events influences your health, as well as your life. But before we move on, let’s go back to that problem in your life that won’t go away, the problem we spoke of in Part I.

Every time you become conscious of the unconscious thoughts associated with your problem (for example: I quit, I can’t do it, I’m not good enough, this situation is never going to change), you lower the volume of the negative voice in your head, the voice that unconsciously repeats those same limited thoughts hundreds of times a day. These are important blind spots to become aware of because the more aware, conscious, and familiar you become with those thoughts, the more you’re able to break the unconscious bonds/programs that enslave you to the same conditions in your life. That’s because the more conscious you become of those unconscious programs, the less prone you will be to go unconscious in your daily life. In other words, every time you become aware of those thoughts—thoughts that are sponsored and created by feelings of guilt, suffering, shame, anxiety, control, pain, anger, frustration, etc.—you are climbing a ladder. You are moving to a greater level of consciousness.

As you move through those dense layers of emotion (and therefore energy), you begin to raise your own personal energy. Because you can’t have energy without awareness or consciousness, if you raise your energy, now you are raising your awareness and moving to a greater level of mind than the mind that created the problem in the first place. As you raise your awareness, now you can see new options and possibilities you were unconscious of in the first place.

Merging with the Field

When you practice your meditation, it is vitally important that you first get to the point where you disassociate from everything known to you in this 3D reality and literally become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time. Done properly, you divest all of your attention and energy out of this 3D realm of separation—a realm where everything is local, defined by your senses, and material in space and time. If where you place your attention is where you place your energy, then the moment you take all of your attention off of everything known and material in your 3D reality, you are opening the door to the quantum field. Essentially, you become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time, and now you are pure consciousness in the eternal now—the generous present moment. We call this process getting beyond your known self.

If where you place your attention is where you place your energy, as you learn how to dial down your thinking neocortex to create very coherent low-level alpha and theta brainwaves, and you open your awareness to energy and the unified field—a space where there is nothing physical or known—you are in the unknown and your awareness can begin to connect to energy instead of matter. Now you can cause your biology to become really coherent, because much like your computer connects to WiFi, you’re connecting to a signal. You’re connecting to the field because that’s where your attention is. If you can literally find that coherent frequency and connect to it—if you can touch that coherent energy with your heart, mind, and awareness—you tune into a vibration or frequency that is reflected as connection, oneness, wholeness, and unity. Now there is no longer separation between you and the field, and in that moment you become pure consciousness. In that moment your consciousness merges with the consciousness of the unified field, the signature of which is oneness, wholeness, and unity.

If you are truly merged with the unified field, you are in the realm where all possibilities exist. That means there’s a future happening in the present moment where your problem doesn’t exist. Now follow me here for a moment because this is where you are going to jump to a future—in the present moment, or eternal now—where your problem doesn’t exist.

Imagine you are in a dressing room in a department store with mirrors on either side of you. As you look at yourself in the mirror, the reflections off of each mirror create infinite copies of you. These boxes of you contained within the mirror appear to stretch on into eternity. Let’s suppose that, in one of these infinite dimensions or multitude of boxes, there is at least one of these boxes where your problem no longer exists. If you are in the realm where there are infinite thoughts that can manifest as material things in 3D reality, then all you would have to do is move your awareness to another box or dimension where the problem doesn’t exist.

Now let me ask you—if you have the thought that you are outside your problem box, since all thoughts produce a frequency, energy, or emotion, what would be the frequency, energy, or emotion of that thought? Perhaps a little joy? A little freedom? A little relief? Relief is the one that somehow usually feels right to me.

Jumping Boxes

As you become aware of the thought that you are outside of your current conditions or problems in the realm where all possibilities exist, then you are outside of your current conditions and problems simply by your awareness. As long as you feel and connect to the frequency of that thought where the problem doesn’t exist, then you are connected to that new dimension. So now you are outside of the box of that limited thought in a future reality. Where? In the present moment…in the Now…where all those infinite possibilities exist.

For the sake of example, imagine if you put your attention on (or became aware of) your car across the street—with the intention of going to your car—while standing in your kitchen. You would be putting your energy in that future in the present moment, yes? Since your attention is on the car, it seems reasonable that your body is going to follow your mind to the car. That means you’re putting your attention in a future where you’re already at the car.

Now, when you are shifting boxes from one reality to another in the unified field, as you become aware you are outside of the reality of your problem, we could say that you are aware of the future you in the present moment. And if you’re connected to source energy—the energy of oneness, unity, and wholeness—now you’re connected to the future you in the present…and your body should follow your mind to that reality, just like it followed your mind to your car. All you have to do is feel your connection to your body in your heart—from that future—in the present moment, and draw it to you from the unified field or source energy (which is where you are existing as a thought).

If your awareness in the present moment is in that future box, then as long as there’s a vibrational match to you as a consciousness and your present body, if you can connect to your body in the blackness of the void (where everything exists as possibility), all you have to do is become aware of it. Now your consciousness is drawing your future body to you, and thus your body will follow your mind right into that dimension—right into that seamless future—just like your body follows your mind into the shower every morning. But instead of following it to the known, it’s going to follow it to an unknown.

Now here’s the caveat. The moment you emotionally react to your challenge or problem in your life in 3D reality, you’re back in the past (remember that familiar emotions are records of the past)—a past where there is no known way out of that box. Therefore, because you’re back to the same old self with the same level of mind that created the problem in the first place—the consciousness of the old box—the door has closed.

So then the mastery of the process of creating a new future is in investing your energy into the future in the present moment. When you’re in that future, and your consciousness is outside the box of that reality—and you marry a clear intention of your future self with the emotion or energy of that future, then all of a sudden—BOOM! You’re dropping a big stone in a placid lake, and that’s making a big wave. Now you’re commanding that you are outside of that box simply by being in the awareness that you’re outside of it. And if you are outside of it, what are you feeling? Most likely release, freedom, or liberation. Those feelings are the signal you’re putting into the field. So at that point, when you are in the blackness of the void, all you have to do is be aware of your future body and keep drawing it to you from the future…now.

If you keep doing this on a daily basis, this will eventually enable you to be able to think about that problem without the emotion. In other words, when the thought of the problem creates the emotion of freedom, you have conditioned your brain and body to the future instead of the past. Whereas in your former life, in a former box, in a former dimension, the thought of that condition would elicit a negative or painful emotion from the past. This is the simple truth why people can’t change—because they can’t get beyond the emotion that keeps them tied to their past.

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