Change Your Box, Change Your Reality: Part I

Change Your Box, Change Your Reality:

Part I

Dr Joe Dispenza | 02 August 2019


Our community has evolved into a living, breathing organism. This collective is part of a devoted global community dedicated to enriching their lives and bringing peace to themselves, their families, and to the greater good. It’s for this reason that I want to introduce you to the “Box Meditation” teaching in a first-ever three-part series. This teaching and meditation is one of the most popular among our advanced community, so in preparation for releasing the guided “Box Meditation,” I am going to challenge and push the greater community to become familiar with it. You may at first find it challenging, but once you get it, I assure you it’s a very easy exercise to shift your consciousness, get out of “the box” of the present reality you are stuck in, and create a new dimension of opportunities in your life. Are you ready?

The Quantum Model of Reality

If you believe in the quantum model of reality, then you understand the problems, challenges, conditions, and adversities in our lives are created from a certain level of consciousness or unconsciousness. If you can’t get beyond that problem, that means every single day you are bringing the same level of mind to your problem or challenge. Said more simply, every day you are thinking about your problem in the same exact way. That’s because, based on your past experience, you have a neurological network in your brain associated to every known person, object, thing, or place at a certain time in your life. In a sense, when you think about those problems or challenges you are thinking in the past.

For every one of those thoughts (or memories) associated to the problem or person, there is an associated emotion, and emotions are the chemical end products of past experiences. If how you think and how you feel creates your state of being, then your reaction to the conditions and problems in your life only serves to reaffirm the same body, mind, thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions equal to the problem. Thus, the stronger the emotional reaction you have to the problem or condition, the more you pay attention to it. We could say then you are contributing to the problem because you are giving it your attention and thus your energy. Why? Because where you place your attention is where you place your energy, therefore you might be keeping the problems or challenges in your life with your attention or awareness. As a result, you’re giving your very life force—your power to create—away to that problem. That’s energy you could be using to heal or create a different future reality.

Einstein famously said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” This means you’d have to reach a greater level of consciousness or awareness than the one that’s actually reinforcing it.

Because emotions are energy in motion, if every day your negative feelings and emotions are creating the same energy you use to react to your same problem, then that energy produces a signal in the quantum field. If that signal you are creating is from an incoherent brain and heart, then you are producing an energetic frequency that is carrying thoughts which no longer have coherence or syntropy—they have entropy—which means they have less power and less effect over our three-dimensional reality. It’s simply a weaker signal.

So here’s the question: Is there a way that a person who wants to change their life can become unencumbered by the energy of their problems? Is there a way where they can easily move from the state of consciousness that created the problem to a greater level of consciousness where the problem is resolved?

Thoughts as Patterns

Most people can’t change the conditions in their life simply because they are not changing. If they are not changing, when they return to the environment that triggers the thoughts and feelings associated to the problem, they’re right back in the consciousness that caused the problem. When they are triggered, because they have already experienced the problem (and most likely over and over), because they have a neurological network in their brain associated to the problem. They also have an associated emotion to the problem because of their experience of it. This creates a vicious cycle whereby your reaction to that person or problem is actually feeding the problem with the same energy, and if you keep feeding the same energy in, you get the same reality. We could say then that the same way you think and feel about the problem actually keeps recreating the same problem—because how you think and how you feel creates your reality. And if thoughts are the electrical charge and feelings are the magnetic charge in the quantum field, and how you think and how you feel is broadcasting an electromagnetic signature on a moment-to-moment basis, then your memories of the past and your reaction to your outer environment is keeping everything the same. Basically, you are back in the known.

Now let me ask you this—does the thought about the challenge or problem strengthen or weaken you? Obviously, for most, it weakens the person. If you are having an angry reaction to your ex-partner or a resentful reaction to your boss, those thoughts are weakening the body, and consequently weakening your field. If the survival systems in the brain and body are activated by the hormones of stress, then it makes sense that there will be incoherence in the brain and heart. Additionally, the chronic long-term effects of stress create disease.

It’s this kind of dissonance that becomes part of the thought forms that have a specific energy we are creating. In other words, since every thought produces a frequency, your thoughts are creating poorly formed patterns in the field. The more those incomplete patterns become incomplete manifestations, the more those incomplete patterns become disease in the body. Why? Because the pattern is not whole. So now the pattern of energy from your incoherent thoughts are frayed, entropic, and disorderly. Said another way, over time the body, the organism, and matter break down as a result of moving towards disorder.

As the troubling thought produces the stress hormones—and as you reinforce this over and over and it becomes chronic stress—sickness or disease occurs because you are signaling the same disease patterns and gene expression by thought alone. Your thoughts about that problem are literally making you sick.  It begs the question: Is anyone or anything worth it?

I want you to imagine this person who is stuck in a problem as if they are stuck in a box. To an observer who is looking inside the box from outside the box, wouldn’t the observer probably say that they’re not being very loving to themselves, especially if they keep doing that for an extended period of time? I’d say so.

If you understand that all possibilities exist in the quantum field, then there is already a door you haven’t thought or known about out of the current situation you are in. However, you cannot see the way out of that challenge if you are looking at it every day from the same level of mind, emotions, thoughts, and feelings of the past—in other words, from the same level of consciousness or unconsciousness.

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