Change Your Box, Change Your Reality: Part III

Change Your Box, Change Your Reality:

Part III

Dr Joe Dispenza | 30 August 2019

Bring on the Synchronicities and Serendipities

If you get really good at investing your energy into your future in the present moment, and thus your body starts following your mind to that future, wouldn’t you agree when you start seeing all those wonderful synchronicities, coincidences, and serendipities in your life that you’re going to keep doing it? And wouldn’t you also agree that you’re going to become more aware of your challenges, conditions, and tests when they are happening? Instead of falling for the trigger hook, line, and sinker, you’re going to recognize when you’ve lost your state of being and switch right back into your heart. You’re going to say to yourself, “No way—I’m not going unconscious and slipping into an automatic program. I’m not closing the door.” 

That’s the test, and when you pass it, now you’re off the bleachers and in the game.

When you do this, you’re no longer trying to change anything that’s going on outside of you—you’re changing what’s happening inside your mind (brain) and body (heart). As long as you are in love with the version of yourself who is working on overcoming that condition or limitation, then your future you is drawing your present you to you. That’s because you are no longer being the normal, familiar, known self. You are in the unknown. And if the thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event back to you, we could say that by staying in your heart, opening your awareness, and applying this formula of brain and heart coherence with your eyes open, the associated elevated emotions are actually creating those synchronicities. You are simply drawing them to you. That’s your job in your waking day.

So in your daily meditations, when you become no body, no one, in nothing, in no where, and in no time, and you connect your awareness to the unified field, if you understand that there is nowhere to go when you are in the blackness of time-space, you are creating from the field instead of from matter. You are creating from a state of oneness and you are connecting to the source of everything material. Thus, the intent of your inner work every day should be for you to understand that, in this realm of infinite possibilities, there is a reality where you are free of your challenge.

If the challenge is not going away, you must reason it remains unchanged because of you. It’s not going away because it’s impossible for you to see any new possibilities as the same person, with the same thoughts and feelings, as your past self. This is because you are broadcasting the same energy every day, perceiving the “problem” from the same level of mind and the same emotional states, and reacting to it in the same ways—trying to change it as matter to matter. The bottom line is, nothing can change until you do.

Therefore, in the realm of infinite thoughts in the blackness of all possibilities, when you can simply have the thought that you are in a new box—which is a new reality—and you can be in that future reality in the present moment, all you have to do is feel the emotions (or become aware of the energy of that thought). If you do, then you are no longer in your familiar past. You are literally in a new future.

Now, when you say or feel “I am free of this condition,” the I am produces a ripple of energy in the quantum field. You are becoming aware that you are conscious awareness and that your thought has an energy or frequency. So when you think and feel whatever your “I am” is, you’re putting a big splash in that calm lake and it’s creating big waves. Now you are creating from the field instead of from matter.

Here's where you need to listen closely because this is important. When you are truly outside of your past-present reality, you can draw your future body to you by feeling your connection to it with your heart. In a sense, you are in your new future with your awareness, and the thought of being there has a new frequency. As a result, your body should follow your mind to that future, just like it follows your mind to your car every day when you think of walking to it—but instead of your body following your mind to a known reality, it is following it to an unknown reality. Therefore, the longer you feel the feelings of your future from this place, the more you are drawing your future body to you. And you don’t have to do anything but become aware of it in the blackness. You don’t have to see it, you just need to know it’s there and that you are magnetically drawing your body to you by bonding to it with your heart. You’re just helping it get there.

Now here’s an important question—if you keep drawing your future to you with that elevated feeling, and you keep doing it every day, wouldn’t you agree that you are going to become very familiar with that feeling? Thus, in a sense, you are going to become your future you by feeling your future body in the present, because it’s your future you that’s creating it—in the present. In other words, each time you connect to the feeling, you are becoming that feeling and becoming that person of your future—in the now.

Imagine you practice this over and over and get so good at it you’re no longer toxically reacting to that condition in your life. This means you’re no longer the same energy, which means you’re no longer the same consciousness. Why? Because if you reacted, that would mean you’re going unconscious again. But you’re not doing that. You’re not falling back into the past self.

So is it possible then, if you practice drawing your future body to you from the present, and you connect to it and bond to it with heart-centered love, that all of a sudden the door will open and you will find your way out of the box? What you’ll probably find yourself saying is, that was just too easy and I made it way too complicated. Then when it lands in your lap, you’re going to feel overjoyed because you’re finally free.

Wouldn’t you agree then that the thought of that former condition would produce compassion, gratitude, freedom, and love for the experience? To bridge back to Part I, that means the thought of that condition is producing a frequency that is healing you from your past, creating more brain and heart coherence, and causing you to evolve to a faster frequency because your new thoughts are creating new frequencies. That’s how you evolve out of and into a new consciousness.

Time to Jump Boxes

If you are in a situation where you need to change something in your life, this is the basis for the “Box Meditation,” which you can begin to do on your own. The steps are as follows:

  1. Take out a piece of paper, draw a box, and name the box you are stuck in. Maybe it’s a lack box, a money box, a relationship box, a health box, a job box, a legal issue box, etc.
  2. Once you name it, when you think of that challenge or condition, what emotions do you really feel when you check in with it, because it’s that emotion (or emotions) that’s keeping you stuck in the same energy. Is it fear? Anxiety? Anger? Frustration? Unworthiness? Resentment? Write down at least two primary emotions.
  3. Now write down the thoughts that you tell yourself (and thus believe to be your current truth) about this problem. Maybe it’s that your situation will never change. Maybe you think you’re stuck where you are because it’s someone else’s fault. So identify what the familiar thoughts are about this box. Sometimes for me it’s just the fact that I don’t see or know how the situation is ever going to change. List them like this: This situation is never going to change; I can’t handle this any longer; That person is the reason my life is this way; I can’t do this, etc.
  4. Next I want you to observe your behaviors of the past few weeks with regard to the box you have been stuck in. Do you talk yourself into an emotional storm? Complain about it to people? Make excuses? Judge a particular person? Write nasty emails? Try to control or force outcomes in your life with frustration? Write them down as well.
  5. Finally, because the new box represents a door or the resolution of that problem, and because you don’t need to know what the resolution is (you only need to know the solution exists), in your meditation go to that box, open your heart, fall in love with your new future, and feel the gratitude or relief you will feel when your problem’s resolved. Now you are at a greater frequency and consciousness. In doing so, you are drawing a future to you where your problem no longer exists.

Since I’ve done this enough times, I know that if I can stay in the blackness of that future box, all I have to do is open my heart and connect. By doing this, I keep drawing my body to my future.

Staying Awake in Your Waking Day

Because how you think, act, and feel is your personality, and the old personality is connected to your past-present personal reality, think about all the energy you are using and wasting on this problem. Consciously or unconsciously, your energy and emotions continue to keep this problem anchored in your life, not to mention that the way you are acting/reacting causes people to respond to you in the same way, which only further comingles your energy in the box/reality/dimension of your problem. In order for you to change, you have to become so conscious of the thoughts you think related to that box that you won’t go unconscious when thinking about them anymore.

Now that you are finally aware of the thoughts that are producing the dissonant or incoherent frequencies, your job is to rise to a greater level of awareness where you are outside of that box and beyond the consciousness of everyone in it. You are at a greater level of consciousness than the consciousness (or unconsciousness) that created the problem. It’s this greater level of consciousness that will evolve you into your future. So if you become that greater consciousness, now all of a sudden you are living in your future in that present moment.

As long as you continue to feel in your waking day the feeling you feel when you are drawing your future self to you, the more connected you are to that future, the more the doors open up like magic. In fact, the more you feel the emotions of your future in your waking day, because you are conditioning your body to the future in your box meditation, the more those emotions will guide you to that door. Then, when you are outside of the box and all of a sudden things have worked out for the greatest or most purposeful ways, you finally see what was keeping you stuck in it.

Now you’re in a new box—in another dimension—in your life where the problem doesn’t exist. Everything and everyone looks the same but the problem is no longer there. And when the solution shows up, you’ll say the same thing so many others do—I just got out of the way.

For those of you seeking a better understanding, I recommend you read Chapter 11. Space-Time and Time-Space in my book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.

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