The Magical Language of Serendipity and Synchronicity

The Magical Language of Serendipity and Synchronicity

Dr Joe Dispenza | 10 June 2016

All of us, in one way or another, are focused on turning the vision into a reality—landing the dream job, the ideal relationship, the perfect house, a book or record deal, healing an ailment. By focusing your energy on this new potential, experience, or outcome, what you’re actually doing is creating and summoning a new possibility from the quantum field (the place where all possibilities exist) into your life. This action is what creates a new future.

If you are truly trusting in a new future, which means you’re open to the unfolding of your life according to its own accord—then depending on how big your vision is, it might take some time for it to manifest. If it seems like it’s taking an exorbitant amount of time, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not necessarily doing anything wrong; sometimes people, things, or events need to line-up or breakdown for the possibility of your new future to come to fruition. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it just means it will show up when you’re fully ready to engage it.

In the meantime, your goal is to just remain focused on that future outcome in your meditations by emotionally embracing it before it is made manifest. Each time you close your eyes, you’re feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing, envisioning, studying, sensing, and dimensionalizing your future.

As you marry the thought of your intentional future with elevated emotions like joy, love, or gratitude, those thoughts and feelings change and transcend your usual (or baseline) state of being. Once you enter that new state of being, as you begin to mentally rehearse the different choices you’ll make, the myriad of novel things you’ll do, and the new experiences that await you, you’re changing your brain to look like the experience has already happened. When you do this you’re actually installing new neurological hardware, which is moving your brain’s neurocircuitry from being a record of past experiences, to becoming a map to future experiences. In other words, you’re priming your brain for a new future.

As you continue to emotionally embrace the feeling of your new-found health, relationship, or job, the elevated emotions of your future start to change your body as well. Because you’re not feeling the same familiar way, the elevated emotions are causing your body to biologically move out of the past, which then begins to signal new genes to make new proteins in order to prepare your body for a future date with destiny.

Perception creates reality

In terms of how we perceive our reality, there’s a direct correlation between how our brains are wired and how we feel emotionally. Since the brain is a reflection of the past, most of us can only perceive reality equal to how our brains are wired. If you’re feeling the same way every day (and if feelings are a record of the past), then that means you’re also viewing your future through the lens of your past. Once you change your state of being, you begin to see and perceive a new reality, and as a result things begin to shift and click with that new perception—a perception that is equal to your new state of being.

This is the place where magic begins to happen because your brain is processing your new future, and the possibility that once existed in the quantum field starts to become a knowing within your entire being. When you know an event is coming because all of the signs are there, you begin to relax and surrender, and that letting go is when things really start to unfold in new and wonderfully surprising ways.

When these signs begin to show up, it’s because you are now energetically, biologically, neurologically, chemically, hormonally, emotionally, and genetically in alignment with your destiny—you’ve not only awakened to them, but you’re drawing them to you.

Coming into alignment with your future

Think of your thoughts as electric and your feelings as magnetic. When you think of it in those terms, then how you think and feel changes your energy (the electromagnetic signature you emanate), and at the same time it changes your state of being. That’s because thoughts are the poetry of the brain and feelings are the poetry of the body, and together they create a state of being.

At some point along this journey of creating your new future, you’re going to start noticing small coincidences or events occurring in the personalized, universal language of serendipity and synchronicity. When this begins to occur, the quantum field is beginning to mirror and affirm who you are being.

As the synchronicities start to show up in your life, and you naturally react to those mysterious events with an authentic state of joy, a love for life, and sincere gratitude—you suddenly feel more awake, alive, aware, and empowered. That’s because there is a confirmation between your inner world of thoughts and feelings, and your outer world of physical reality. Then you begin to notice and recognize the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing from these moments of serendipity and synchronicity are equal to the thoughts and feelings you experience every day in your meditations. The thrill and inspiration you meet the events with is because you’re beginning to experience your future. This helps you to tune into that destiny even more.

That’s what the experience of synchronicity and serendipity is; it’s an alignment between your inner and outer world. The clear signal of emotion, energy, excitement, and surprise from the events is what inspires you to keep accepting, believing, and trusting in a greater outcome—which consequently sharpens your ability to create. Now you effortlessly use that elevated energy and emotion in your next meditation, which then enhances the next set of more profoundly unusual events, and so on.

From the standpoint of serendipity and synchronicity, there is a vibrational alignment with your destiny and your new state of being. This makes you more prone to do things from the place of your future self, rather than your past, and when you start doing this regularly you begin to create a habit of becoming your future self.

Now not only is your perception broadened, but the energetic and vibrational match between where you are and where you’re heading draws more of these experiences to you. In this process, you start to trust your intuition more. Since intuition is based on trusting a feeling, you have faith in the feelings from which you’ve been creating (which should be natural by now, since you’ve been cultivating those feelings in your meditations every day). As a result, you can step further out into the unknown. When you trust your intuition, you’re willing to take a few more risks and make different choices, because now you can discern and trust the feeling of alignment with your future.

Refining the vision through feedback

Now let’s say for example you wanted to manifest being a full-time writer, and all of a sudden you are—but it turns out you’ve fallen into medical writing and you wanted to be a novelist. This is actually feedback from the universe, but since it’s not exactly what you wanted, in your meditations you start modifying and changing the signal you’re broadcasting, and looking at the vision in another way so as to shape a different outcome. It’s this process of creating and receiving feedback that helps us refine what we want and don’t want.

Once you get to the place where the synchronicities and serendipities are occurring with increasing frequency, you’re magnetizing yourself to your new future. The next thing you know, you’ve landed the perfect job, relationship, career, book or record deal, or you’ve healed yourself of your disease. The best part is that because you got out of your own way and trusted your life to its own accord, it’s all happened in a better way than you could have ever imagined. Now it’s time to create the next big thing in your life—and you already know how to do it because you’ve done it.

What are you waiting for? Your future awaits you.

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