She Went ‘All In’ – and the Depression Disappeared

“I took that pill and I just knew it: 
This is the last day I'm ever going to take an antidepressant.”

Before 2020, Kavli took a holistic approach to her health and well-being. But then, she was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. When therapy failed to help, a psychiatrist prescribed antidepressants. “I did not believe in medication,” she says. “But it was a very dark time in my life.”

The side effects overwhelmed her. While they cycled through different medications, searching for the right fit, her psychiatrist said Kavli was a textbook example of what could go wrong with prescription drugs. 

Kavli first learned of Dr Joe through a documentary but didn’t immediately follow up. Her sister finally sent her Dr Joe’s YouTube videos, insisting she watch. That’s when she decided to go all in. Kavli purchased courses and meditations and practiced daily – and within two months, she no longer needed her medication. “I had to apply the knowledge that I had within me,” she says, “and that's what helped me heal.”

Recorded at the Nashville Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2023