She Found the Answer – and Peace – Within Herself

“I haven't had any more withdrawal symptoms … or any kind of mental health symptom whatsoever. I'm completely healed.”

Anna was diagnosed with bipolar disorder one, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. For nine long years, psychiatrists prescribed a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, which damaged her physical health. She decided to quit the medications, but experienced a rare reaction – post-acute withdrawal syndrome – that sent her nervous system into shock.

For the next three months, Anna couldn’t sleep and suffered constant feelings of panic. Experts said recovery could take as long as 18 months. Then, Anna found Dr Joe’s book and began practicing the meditations three times a day.

Twelve weeks later, Anna’s symptoms completely disappeared. “It all went away in a moment,” she says. “This work works for mental health just as good as it does for physical health. There is no difference.”

Recorded at the Nashville Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2023.