Opening Her Heart to Receive Healing

“I just started to focus on opening my heart and being the best version of myself – and that's when magic started to happen for me.”

Kimberly suffered from multiple illnesses since childhood, including Lyme disease and mast cell activation syndrome. Years later, her daughter inherited the same conditions. Traditional and holistic treatments generated tens of thousands of dollars in debt – but the symptoms only worsened. Neither could eat more than one or two foods without severe allergic reactions, and Kimberly became bedridden for two years.

When Kimberly discovered Dr Joe, the science-based approach to change spoke to her. But a week before her first Week Long Advanced Retreat, she received more bad news – a possible metastatic lymph node in her neck. Still, she attended the retreat and three Coherence Healing™ sessions where she felt an immense amount of love and left a different person. 

A scan a week after the retreat showed Kimberly’s lymph nodes were normal. And the miracles kept coming. During a meditation, she had a mystical experience and saw her daughter in a loving new light. Within a few weeks, her daughter began eating normally again and playing with friends – a completely different girl. Kimberly had learned that the outcome she desired didn’t matter. What mattered was opening her heart to the generous present moment – and becoming a new version of herself.

Recorded at the Denver Week Long Advanced Retreat in July 2023