She Stopped Looking Outside for Answers – and Healed Autoimmune Disease

“As soon as you devote; as soon as you enter this practice; as soon as you realize that nothing from outside will change that – and you have that potential; and you have that source; you can do anything.”

Since she was 12, Yelena had struggled to live with the challenging symptoms of autoimmune disease. As her joints and connective tissues became more and more compromised, she had to endure increasingly intense pain. Eventually, she was relying on a wheelchair for mobility – and living with a tremendous amount of fear.

When prescribed regimens and treatments became more numerous and invasive, Yelena began to explore other options. She found Dr Joe’s work, and soon realized she had been looking outside herself for the answers – and not only in terms of physical healing.

Yelena decided to fully devote herself to the work – and began meditating every single day. As she deepened her practice, she progressed from a wheelchair ... to crutches ... to walking on her own. At the same time, other areas of her life began to grow and thrive. Finally, she had what became a final series of medical tests – all of them showing no sign of disease.

Recorded at the Orlando Week Long Advanced Retreat in October 2023