Her Thoughts Made Her Sick – and Then They Made Her Well

“I used to have a different belief; a negative belief ... and now I just truly believe, at the depths of my soul, that I am completely unlimited. I’m connected to source.”

As a child, Elissa experienced profound trauma that led to many illnesses – and a suicide attempt when she was just seven years old. Later in life, she wrestled with drug and alcohol addictions. Even after becoming sober, she was still plagued by suicidal thoughts and a host of chronic illnesses – mold toxicity, Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr virus among them. As fear about her health consumed her, the conditions worsened.

When Elissa started to do the work, she began to understand her own thoughts were making her sick – and, more important, that her thoughts also could make her well. Knowing she had to overcome her body and her environment, Elissa made a decision to change. Approaching her first Coherence Healing™ at a Week Long Advanced Retreat, she heard Dr Joe encourage healees to simply open to the possibilities. After just one healing, Elissa felt euphoric. “Oh my God,” she thought. “I’m healed.”

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in June 2023