He Forgave Himself – and Healed OCD

“I was forgiving myself when I was lying down there.

And I was forgiving everyone in my life. And I just had one moment where I made contact with that loving, loving intelligence – with energy.”

Philip’s lifelong experience with obsessive compulsive disorder began when his mother died. He was just three years old. Fueled by anxiety, guilt, and depression, the symptoms of OCD became more and more consuming – until it sometimes took him an hour to simply close a door.

One question from Dr Joe invited Philip to enter the river change: “If your thoughts can make you sick, does this mean they can also make you well?” It was the beginning of a journey that would eventually lead Philip to a Week Long Advanced Retreat, where he was a healee during a Coherence Healing™ session. “I walked into the healing as if I was already healed,” Philip says today. “I never surrendered that much in my life.” With that surrender, he connected with energy and remembered who he really is: “pure love” – and a living example of truth.

Recorded at the Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat in September 2023