She Felt Worthy of Love – and Overcame Anorexia

“The breath really eliminated all my survival emotions. Then the meditations helped me get to the field and connect with the divine – with pure love.”

For more than a decade, Lucy struggled with anorexia nervosa. Obsessed with the idea she was unattractive – that she didn’t measure up to others – she would eat little more than an apple a day. She felt unworthy of love, and it began to take a physical toll.

Though she was drawn to Dr Joe’s work, at first Lucy avoided facing her self-image. She focused on a future filled with abundance, while meditating and working with the breath. But as Lucy engaged with the work, she began to change. Her appetite returned, as did her joy for life. In just a few months, she became a different person – one who had learned to let go and love herself.

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in December 2023