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Watch and listen to stories of personal breakthroughs, miraculous healings, profound transformations, and powerful creations from our community of students around the world.

Walking Meditation

The Walking Meditation is an opportunity to embody the energy of your future self and to walk as if your future has already happened. Discover how this practice translates into your everyday waking life.

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Dr Joe Live

Every month, Dr Joe carves out an hour to connect with members and answer questions about the application of this work.

These subscription-based conversations are for anybody who is interested in transforming their life. 

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Dr Joe’s Blog

Resolve, Reflect, Reset: Morning and Evening Meditations, Volume 2

Resolve, Reflect, Reset: Morning and Evening Meditations, Volume 2

A couple of weeks ago, my team and I released our newest creation, Morning and Evening Meditations, Volume 2 – a follow-up to one of our most popular offerings of all time – the first Morning and Evening Meditations, of course. Years after their release, these meditations rem...

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Cultivating a Blooming Heart, Part II – Growth, Patience, and Blossoming

Cultivating a Blooming Heart, Part II – Growth, Patience, and Blossoming

Inspired by deepening spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve been exploring what it means to make the heart bloom. In my last post, we talked about what motivates us to move out of survival into creation … how we prepare the soil and plant the seed of possibility. If you missed Part I, ...

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Cultivating a Blooming Heart, Part I – Preparing the Soil; Planting the Seed

Cultivating a Blooming Heart, Part I – Preparing the Soil; Planting the Seed

Many of you who’ve attended our retreats or tuned in to our Dr Joe Live and Leaving the Monastery conversations have heard me talk about what it means to make the heart bloom. As we’re well into spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, and new growth is appearing all around us, I thought it wou...

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Captured Moments

Captured Moments

During each of our Week Long Advanced Retreats, we produce what we call “Happy Faces videos” which summarize some of the special moments during the retreat. 

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Scholarships: Give To Give

The Give to Give Foundation is an independently run non-profit organization dedicated to giving those with health challenges and financial hardships the opportunity and resources to experience, as well as be supported by, Dr Joe’s work. The foundation awards scholarships to attend events, provides free access to online courses and meditations, brings mindfulness to underserved communities, and delivers various day-to-day resources to those in financial need.

Many of those supported by Give to Give have learned how to create a new future and have even healed themselves of their illness, chronic condition, or terminal disease.


Corporate Training: NCS

NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) is a global network of corporate consultants, trained by Dr Joe, created to teach organizations around the world how to apply the neuroscience of change to transform their business and culture from the inside out. Through “Change Your Mind...Create New Results” and other innovative training programs, participants learn about a variety of models and concepts that can be used to create empowering, lasting change on a personal level, as a member of a team, or across a business, culture, or organization. The key benefits of the NCS approach are increased morale and employee engagement, greater creativity and productivity, and ultimately—improved innovation and business results.

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Created by Dr Joe, BioSyntropy is a unique line of supplements designed to help the body move back into balance and homeostasis. Based on the latest scientific research, as well as peer reviewed studies, each individual supplement combines specific vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids into an effective formulation that provides the necessary raw materials to bring the body’s different systems back into harmony. BioSyntropy products also help the body achieve better hormonal equilibrium, facilitate growth and repair, and prevent dis-ease.

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