The Heart and the Brain Tango

The Heart and the Brain Tango

Dr Joe Dispenza | 13 August 2021

Recently we completed a truly wonderful event in Denver. It was attended by a group of committed individuals who were very enthusiastic and well prepared. Consequently, we went very far, very fast. We also upscaled our brain-scan technology while performing and recording even more exceptional research. By the end of the week, we saw some of the most incredible physical changes take place in people in our community. This is always exciting — and it’s the main source of inspiration behind me and my team.

With an upscaled technology interface at play, we witnessed people’s heart and brain patterns on a moment-to-moment basis during the Synchronizing the Heart and the Brain meditation. By adding a novel measurement to our studies, it was exciting to witness an entirely new level of detail – a beautiful dance taking place between the heart and the brain. The data revealed just how significantly the heart influences the brain and vice versa.

This dance occurred when people relaxed, opened their focus to space, became heart-centered, and settled into their meditation. When they achieved this relaxed state, their heart began producing a very low frequency — a frequency that is indigenous only to the energy of the heart. When people placed their attention in their heart (you know I can’t resist reminding you that “where you place your attention is where you place your energy”) and continued breathing through their creative center in an elevated emotional state, their hearts actually began receiving more energy. Not only did we see heart coherence, which is the new normal, but their hearts also began beating with a different energy.

All of this is to say that when our hearts are relaxed and open, we become more creative.

When the conversation between the heart and the brain gets really interesting (meaning coherent), the brain and the body get excited, and this causes a sympathetic arousal. The constructive, coherent interference of frequency that takes place between these two centers then creates higher amplitudes of energy, causing an awakening in the brain and an exuberance in the body.

As a result, the heart informs the brain that it’s safe to create, it’s safe to awaken, and it’s safe to raise its consciousness out of survival. When that happens, we can see new possibilities because we are no longer trapped in limited survival emotions. The heart says to the brain, Hey, Im the creative center. Get out of your analytical mind so we can start dreaming of new possibilities to change and expand your life. This energy is both super sophisticated and super elegant, while at the same time being beautifully simple.

Once there’s an arousal, the sympathetic nervous system starts to balance the energy between the heart and the brain. As that energy moves to the brain, you’d expect those brainwaves to slow down—and they do—for a while. However, at a certain moment, we began to see the energy of the heart act as a carrier wave for other brainwaves to ride on. Then, all of a sudden, we observed the brain go into very coherent harmonic states at the same time – coherent theta, coherent alpha, coherent beta, and ultimately coherent gamma brain waves. And these were all standing waves—one riding in rhythm on the other. Now here’s what’s really surprising.

Think of energy moving away from a beating drum. As the sound waves travel further away from the source in concentric circles, the energy becomes weaker. This is natural law – when frequency interacts in a medium of matter (air, solids, liquids, and plasma) in three-dimensional reality, the energy of the waves dissipates.

And yet, we observed the opposite.

The frequency, intensity, and duration of energy in the brain began speeding up into faster and faster gamma brain wave patterns. It’s these elegant, orderly changes in the brain that bring us into greater levels of conscious awareness.

All of this is to say that the more relaxed and in our hearts we are, the more our brain and body open up to energy. The research findings confirmed that there is a zone when our bodies are super relaxed and calm, and our minds are more awake and aware. It’s when we’re not operating in survival: not feeling threatened, in danger, anxious, or worried about the next moment. Instead, we’re just very present — and at the same time, very joyfully conscious. That's the formula right there. That's the side effect of heart and brain coherence.

This type of coherent energy that the heart and the brain produce raises our consciousness and moves us closer to the present moment. And since consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention, and paying attention is being present and noticing, we can feel safe to create from the unknown. In doing so, we’re able to see new possibilities that we can’t see when we’re operating out of self-limiting states of mind and body.

When we reviewed our spectrum analysis during our Denver Week Long Advanced Retreat of numerous people in this empowered state, we saw how magnificently ordered these patterns of energy were — and we saw it skillfully happen over and over again in our student body.

This is the natural state of being that great individuals, leaders, artists, athletes, saints, mystics, and masters throughout time operated out of. Their initiations were the challenges that caused them to not be moved by the external world, and to instead remain in the eye of the hurricane, centered in a greater level of awareness.