The Energy Centers, Part II: A Symphony of Order

The Energy Centers, Part II:

A Symphony of Order

Dr Joe Dispenza | 21 May 2024

After seeing the many comments and questions in response to my April blog posts about working with doubt, I wanted to help more of you understand how the energy centers are part of that process. In Part I of this series, we took a closer look at the first three energy centers, and how we can transmute their associated survival emotions by ascending their energy to our heart – the fourth energy center.

Today, I want to talk about what’s possible when all of our energy centers work together to create resonant coherence within our brains and bodies.

Blessing the Energy Centers Into Balance

I first conceived of blessing the energy centers when I was working on bringing my own body into balance and homeostasis. I knew that every energy center is under the control of the autonomic nervous system; that each carries its own energetic signature, its own frequency, its own message, and its own intent. Each center contains its own unique energy and possesses an individual level of mind.

Essentially, each center is like a mini-brain. And to bring them all into balance – and, therefore, bring myself into balance – I knew I would need to find a way to get into my “operating system” to access them. So, the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations are designed to work with these mini-brains from that place of understanding.

I’ve crafted all the meditations in the series to create coherence in each center, enabling it to receive and transmit more orderly information. This information can then instruct each center – and directly influence more hormonal balance by sending a coherent message to all the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.

In the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations, we slow our brain waves down from beta ... to alpha ... and even to theta. One by one, we narrow our focus and put our attention and energy on each center. Then, we open our awareness to the space around each one. We bring the intention to balance the center’s energy by organizing the information it receives and transmits to affect our biology. We bring our attention to the energy contained within each center and its unique frequency – which carries information. This attention activates that energy and information in ways that can inform matter.

In other words, the clear information carried on the coherent frequency of each center can be transformed into information – in the form chemistry.

Since the autonomic nervous system’s job is to create balance and homeostasis, as we bless the centers one by one with our attention, they will then work together to bring more order, harmony, health, and balance to our entire being.

I’ve been thinking of it lately like the instruments in an ensemble – each one a part of the whole; building on the other. You could think of the first energy center, maybe, as the low pounding of the timpani drums, sounding the first notes of a composition and setting the tempo and the tone ... vibrating at a frequency of large, slow, long waves of sound.

The second center could be the horns coming in, adding to the harmonic structure and echoing the rhythm of the drums. Those notes vibrate at somewhat shorter waves – and they build on what’s sounding from the first center. The third center might be the wind instruments, adding some movement; vibrating at a higher frequency; signaling notes in the melody that will come in when we get to the fourth center – the heart. Here come the soaring violins; that transcendent moment when everything comes together.

So, as each “instrument” comes in – with its own resonance; its own vibrations; its own energy – they combine to create a beautiful song.

Carrying this metaphor further, you can see that for this practice to work – for the centers to be in balance – they have to be in tune. They have to be in rhythm. In other words, there must be harmony and resonance among them.

And that’s what we’re creating in the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations.

A Symphony of Resonant Order

I also like this metaphor because it connects to what I said in Part I: there’s nothing wrong with, or bad about, any of the energy centers. We need every one of them. But imagine what would happen if just one instrument in the song were out of tune or rhythm with the drums, or the horns, or the wind instruments. Imagine the song without the melody. Imagine it without the evocative sound of the violins as it reaches a crescendo. It just wouldn’t be the same.

Just as a song is composed of all those elements – all the instruments; all the notes; all the rhythms – the “song” of our very being is composed of all the information contained within all of our energy centers. While each is distinct, with its own gifts and information, they build on each other to create coherence and wholeness within us.

In other words, the energy of the first center is actually contained in the second center. The energy of the third center contains the energy of the first and second centers. The energy of the fourth center is holding the information and the resonant frequencies of the third, the second, and the first. And so it goes with the fifth, sixth, seventh ... all the way up to eight.

They all unfold, in a sense, like echoes from source – because we unfold from source. Each center unfolds to a slower frequency, in mathematical harmonics of the previous one, all the way down to density. As above; so below. As within; so without.

In this way, you can’t have the first center without the eighth – because the frequency of each is contained in the one that precedes it. And so, when we bless all of them, we bring all of them back to balance – because the energy within each one will influence the one above it. We bring them back to oneness. We bring them back to order. We connect to the energy and information inherent within each one. We align with their divine unfolding design.

When we bless our energy centers with these intentions in mind, and each center opens and offers its gifts to us, our entire being begins to vibrate with the song of coherence. As we learn to work with this energy, that simple song evolves ... into a symphony of resonant order.

From here, unlimited possibilities open up to us. We can go far beyond the challenges of working with doubt, getting unstuck, or solving a problem. We can evolve from surviving ... to creating ... to thriving.


Discover the Blessing of the Energy Centers Collection here. And, for those of you who have been awaiting Blessing of the Energy Centers XI – “Blessings From the Brain” – you won’t have to wait much longer. Stay tuned for the release later this week.

For further study of the energy centers in the body, please refer to Chapter 4 in Dr Joe’s book, Becoming Supernatural.