Free Will or Predeterminism? Join the 28-Day Challenge to Find Out.

Free Will or Predeterminism? Join the 28-Day Challenge to Find Out.

Dr Joe Dispenza | 15 February 2019

Please note: This is an ongoing challenge and there is no sign up. It starts when you start.

Is it possible to create your destiny? Can you become the master of your fate? Do we actually have free will? Or is our life predestined from the cradle to the grave? Since Descartes in the 17th century, all the way to quantum physicists today, the intellectual argument and resultant division has always been about the heated topic of free will versus predeterminism. So how do we unify the two? Actually, it’s quite simple.

For all of our students who have attended an Advanced Workshop, every month through a private Facebook group called Leaving the Monastery, I hold a webcast to further advance the teachings. The name of the most recent call was entitled Masters of Fate, and in it I presented our advanced students with a 28-day challenge, which I would like to open up to everyone.

The goal of the challenge is to engender a new state of being so as to create something completely novel in your life. In doing so, you should be able to demonstrate that free will is not simply choosing one coffee or car brand over another—that’s a choice based on knowns. Instead, it is an act of creation that empowers us to make the conscious choice to bring something that is outside of what we understand as a known into existence. Therefore, the creative process is manifesting an unknown event in our lives.

If it’s true that by changing your energy and moving into a new state of being you can use your free will to create from the field instead of from matter, then your future is predetermined because you are the creator of a new timeline, which will be predetermined. To achieve this requires you to continually practice that new state of being until you become it. How do you do that? You apply this four-step formula—a formula which adopts the scientific method in the name of a supernatural  practice.

     Step 1. Open Your Heart

The first step of the formula, the benefits of which are numerous, is also the first step towards building the bridge between your humanity and your divinity. That step is to open your heart—which is your creative center. Once you lock into the heart and begin to create heart coherence, you activate an external magnetic field around your body. This field, which can be measured up to 3-meters wide, is the frequency of your creation that can carry the thought of your future. The frequency or energy of suffering can’t carry the thought of your health or wealth. However, an elevated emotion can, so it’s the elevated emotion that broadens the field so that you begin to become more energy and less matter, and thus connect to that field.

Once your attention and then your energy activates the heart, the heart acts as an amplifier to move energy to the brain. We have measured this enough times to know that the brain will now have more energy with which to create. At the same time, you begin to function from a new level of consciousness—from a new level of awareness. That’s because when there is a change in energy there is a change in consciousness, and when there is a change in consciousness, there is a change in energy. The research shows that over time you will reset your baseline of emotional imbalance (from fear, anxiety, stress, impatience, frustration, etc.) to a more peaceful inner balance. And the more you practice this, the more you’re able to self-regulate your inner world of thoughts and feelings independent of the conditions in your outer environment. We could call this heart technology.

In addition, when you achieve a state of heart coherence, the body manufactures 1300-1400 different advantageous chemicals and hormones that restore, regenerate, and strengthen the body’s immune system. The body will naturally move out of survival and diminish the stress hormones so that it feels safe enough to create (we cannot create in emergency mode). As a result, your body will have more energy for growth, repair, and healing.

  1. Perform the Breath

The question I often get asked is, why do we do the breath? The simple answer is to pull the mind out of the body. The reason is because we have conditioned the body to become the mind through the repetitive unconscious loop of thinking and feeling, and feeling and thinking. However, this act comes with all sorts of ancillary benefits. First, we know from our research that the breath creates a tremendous amount of brain coherence. I’m talking about a state of super coherence. This suggests, when done properly, almost all the neurons of the entire brain resonate, synchronize, and oscillate in a very high degree of order and rhythm. The brain becomes tuned up into a more (w)holistic state.

We also know from our research that when the energy created by the breath travels up the spine, all of the energy that was stored in the first three centers—energy that has to do with emotional blocks or emotional addictions—travels to the brain and opens the thalamic gate. When the thalamic gate opens, it is the sympathetic nervous system that arouses the brain into gamma brainwave patterns. With that influx of energy, the gamma patterns create a greater level of awareness, or what we call super consciousness. At the same time, the release of the pineal metabolites begin to suppress the analytical mind or anesthetize the thinking brain, creating a state of euphoria. When done properly, this arousal in the brain creates a state of bliss or ecstasy. All the while, like a magnet, you are further building the electromagnetic field around your body. (Consult the end of this post for a review on how to perform the breath.)

  1. Activation of the Pineal Gland

As you breathe up and in, hold your breath, and squeeze, the inner pressure compresses the crystals found within the pineal gland, and the resulting mechanical stress produces an electrical activation. This is called the piezoelectric effect, which is when one form of stress (in this case mechanical) is converted into another form—an electrical signal. Once the pineal gland becomes electrically activated, the tiny crystals begin to shimmer, vibrate, and oscillate, so that they can tune into an external electromagnetic field. The faster they vibrate, the faster (or higher) frequencies they can pick up. Essentially, the pineal gland becomes a radio antenna/receiver and this is how we connect to the field and transduce frequencies that are carrying different information into the brain and mind. At this point, a cascade of beneficial events begin to occur.

First, the pineal gland signals the pituitary gland, which releases more balanced neuropeptides that restore order to the hormonal/energy centers of the body. If the pineal can pick up faster, more orderly coherent frequencies (from the unified field), then there should be more harmony, unity, and order in the body’s internal chemistry. Next, the posterior pituitary releases oxytocin, which signals nitrous oxide—which signals a chemical called derived endothelial relaxing factor[1], which causes the arteries in your heart to literally swell with blood and energy. Just like when other energy centers in the body swell with energy when activated, (like the arousal of the first energy center) blood flows in a similar way into your heart. Now your heart opens up to a whole new level of consciousness, causing you to feel full, whole, and joyful. (It would be fair to say you just got your heart-on.) Now that you feel the expansive emotions of gratitude, grace, and love for life, you’re in a perfect state of receiving.

While all of this is occurring, a reverse field comes through the top of your head, creating a torus field around your body. Next, the pituitary gland begins to release the second chemical called vasopressin, which causes your cells to swell with water. This allows them to facilitate a greater frequency. All of a sudden you begin downloading information from the field—and now hold on because here we go. Once energy is coming into the brain from the field, your nervous system, which controls and coordinates all other systems of the body and reaches almost every cell, sends a faster, more orderly frequency to the microtubules in your cells. Once this occurs, they receive a unified or more orderly frequency, and as a result they begin to emit more coherent light (energy) and information. This is how the body experiences a biological upgrade, or another way to say it is—you’re receiving an upgrade to the human operating system.

  1. Create From the Field

With two reverse fields operating around your body, it’s the perfect time to create. Why? You’ve just anesthetized the analytical mind/thinking brain and you’re now moving into the present moment. Your job then is to become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time. This is what it means to get beyond your known self and unfold as pure consciousness into a unifying field of energy that exist beyond space and time. After all—if you’re going to explore the unknown self, you can’t be the known self.

Once you’re pure consciousness, you connect to that field of information called the quantum field. This means as an awareness (not with your senses) you have to search for it, become conscious of it, pay attention to it, experience it, stay present with it, become more aware of it, and thus feel a greater frequency. The greater the frequency, the greater you feel order, oneness, and wholeness. As you move closer to oneness, you feel less separation, and the less separation you feel, the greater and greater degrees of love you experience…and the more love you experience, the closer you move to singularity. Once you begin experiencing that feeling, you’re connected to the void where all possibilities exist. You’re no longer a face, a name, a body, a disease, a diet, or an identify. Now you’re free to create from the field instead of from matter.

And this takes us back to the 28-day challenge. So what do you want to create?

The 28-day challenge is a movement of thousands of people who are united in creating certain things in their life from the field—not from “matter to matter.” When creating from the field, it all begins by generating heart and brain coherence, then applying the formula, and finally measuring the effects. Now you no longer live by the predictable rules of Newtonian physics where you have to drag your body through space to get what you want (and that takes time), but instead you are the vortex to your destiny and now you begin to draw new, unpredictable, and unknown experiences to you.

As we get more and more people in the community doing this in unison, the effects become more enhanced because you become part of a movement—a collective of which is feeding off (and adding to) the same consciousness. In turn, you begin to connect from a greater place, and this causes us as individuals and as a group to alter and evolve our consciousness. In a sense, your great effort leaves footprints in consciousness for others to step into. So the more you do it, the more you personally add to and strengthen the field of consciousness and energy of the collective.

The side effect, of course, is that we become supernatural and live more as the creator of life and less as the victim of life. This means by free will, you are creating a predetermined future. This is, after all, why we’re doing this work.

Join the movement…one mind, one heart.

[1] Endophilia cells line our 100,000 kilometers of blood vessels. They form a single cell coating, providing not only a Teflon like surface for the blood to flow past unimpeded, but also producing nitric oxide which is critical in maintaining flexibility in blood vessel walls.