Feeling Our Way into the Mystical – Part II

Feeling Our Way into the Mystical – Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 12 August 2022

In my last post, I talked about the next stage of evolution in dream work – beyond strange visions; beyond the mundane; beyond the more frequently felt survival emotions like fear. I shared my “recipe for the mystical” – to be tired and happy; curious and playful; relaxed and open. When we cultivate these states, we find a way to transcend those initial experiences with more intense and compelling lucid dreams.

That’s when we step through the door of new possibilities in the quantum field – the unlimited realm of the unknown.

As I mentioned in Part I, when we try to have a mystical experience, it eludes us – because “trying” implies separation. Instead of seeking to find our way into the mystical, we must feel our way into it. Instead of waiting for an experience to happen before we have the feeling – which means we’re trying to create from lack – we must feel the feeling first.

If we can do this, our experiences will evolve. Our encounters in the field will be powerful and profound. They’ll be equal to – or even greater than – the emotion we bring to the process. The mere thought of the mystical will produce the feeling of its frequency.

Conditioning Ourselves for the Mystical

Here’s why. In the quantum field, every thought has a frequency. So the thought of the mystical can’t produce the feeling of lack of having it. The thought of the mystical has to produce the feeling of that frequency – of the mystical itself.

So if we can tune into the elevated feelings we’ve cultivated, and stay with them, those feelings will take us somewhere. Somewhere new. Somewhere unknown. If we can stay awake just a little longer than we normally do, and be curious, open, and playful, we’ll be free of our attachment to any outcome. Already in a state of gratitude and wonder, we’ll no longer be preoccupied with “finding the door.”

If we practice this, again and again, we’ll be preparing ourselves for that mystical experience. Rehearsing the thought and feeling – or stimulus and response – is how we condition the brain and body to look like the experience has already happened. And when the door does open, we’ll be ready.

The Gift of Inner Experience

In this work, we’ve seen countless stories of transformation; people who have powerful experiences and encounters with the mystical. I’ve interviewed them; I’ve seen their brain scans.

I ask them, “What do you do?” And they say, “Oh, I get so grateful. I'm so grateful for the opportunity for the mystical. I feel so in awe of this wonderful thing called life. I’m so profoundly moved by just being present; in the presence of the divine.”

In other words, they’re open. They’re relaxed. They’re curious. And, most important – they feel the feelings ahead of the experience. They’re not waiting for something to happen outside themselves before undergoing a profound inner transformation.

For them, the door’s open – and they're willing to experience whatever their subconscious has for them in the form of a gift. And the gift is the inner experience itself. They’re not asking, “Why hasn’t it happened yet?” They’re not approaching the work from a place of lack – or with an attachment to controlling the outcome. They’re in a state of grace; of gratitude. In pure surrender. They trust something is going to happen; they just don’t know when or how.

Trusting. Loving. Believing. Staying relaxed and awake. Embodying joy. In a sense, all of these describe the same thing: An open-hearted state of being where we’re not waiting for the event; we know the event is going to happen.

Forgetting What We Think We Know

To reach this place of total surrender, we have to lay down everything we’ve used, our entire lives, to get what we want – so something greater can occur. We have to let that go – so something else can step in and do it for us. It’s not an easy process. But it’s important to make time for it. We have to keep showing up for it.

In a sense, we have to get our mind completely out of the way – to make room for another mind to step in. And the information from that mind comes from connecting to the field.

To walk through that door, we have to cultivate a lighthearted state of exploration; a state of wondering if there's something other than what we think we already know. We’re open to finding out if there’s anything new to experience; an unlimited encounter with the mystical. And before we can experience it … we have to feel it.

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