Challenging – and Changing – Our Beliefs

Challenging – and Changing – Our Beliefs

Dr Joe Dispenza | 01 August 2023

My team and I witnessed something truly incredible at our recent Week Long Advanced Retreat in Denver, Colorado, a few weeks ago. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since then.

Over the course of our seven days together, we could feel a shift happening. What started as a group of beginners – 80 percent of attendees were at their very first retreat – evolved into a coherent community, in tune with each other, coming together with shared purpose and elevated energy. By the end of the event, we all were experiencing a truly unified collective consciousness.

We felt the effects and evidence of this coherence in many ways – none more powerful than in the stories of those who experienced some degree of healing in our time together. By week’s end, seven people who arrived in wheelchairs had stood up and taken steps – some of them for the first time in years.

Looking back more than a decade, I can recall an early instance when someone in this work began to regain motor control and mobility after a paralyzing accident years before. He was one of the first to show such remarkable progress. And, at the time, he was one of one.

Now, we’re seeing seven people rise out of their wheelchairs in the course of a single event. What’s happening? And how is this possible?

I know this is hard to believe for many. It’s challenged and changed my own beliefs. And, as I’ve reflected on the impact of this experience, I’ve tried to create some order and meaning around what’s happening – and why I think we’re seeing this evolutionary leap within our community.

I think we can understand it, at least to some degree, by addressing three main concepts.

Intention, Application, Evidence, and Awareness

As I thought about that first person, years ago – the “one of one” – and his experience with healing, I recalled numerous conversations we’d had about his progress. He applied himself to this work with clear intention. He knew what he was doing, and why he was doing it. As I’ve said many times, when you understand the what and the why, the how becomes easier.

As he began to see evidence – in the form of surprising things happening in his own body – as a result of his effort, his awareness of what’s possible increased. Gradually, he regained some mobility and motor control, which removed his doubt. Then, he applied himself with even more intention and greater belief in what he was doing. The greater the intention; the greater the belief; the greater the outcome.

Based on the extent of his injuries, the changes he was experiencing shouldn’t have been possible in the world of matter-to-matter. When someone is essentially paralyzed from the neck down, no amount of will or other attempts in the 3-D world will bring about the healing he experienced. But, working in the realm of the unknown, with amplified intent and credence, he eventually began to crawl … then stand … then walk with some assistance.

In addition to witnessing this man’s testimonial, I saw his pre- and post-retreat brain scans. The scans showed a significant physiological change – not only in his mind, but also in his brain.

How was that possible?

Energy Informing Matter

What we call a “miracle” is anything that happens outside of convention – social; political; scientific; religious. It happens outside the current beliefs of an era; of a time. Usually, our culture summarizes those “miracles” in language that acknowledges the mystery – or, frustrated by what we don’t understand, we write it off as impossible or a hoax. In medicine, it’s called a spontaneous remission.

But none of these perspectives leaves room for our own ability to work with the mystical.

This is where our research comes in. Applying science as the new language of possibility, we give people a formula to inform matter through working in the 5-D realm of energy (the quantum field) – where unlimited potentials, including the “miraculous,” exist and can become reality. 

Breaking it down, an incident is when something happens once. A coincidence, then, is when another related event occurs – it happens again.

When we start seeing three, four … seven  … 20 events with the same outcomes, now we have a trend. There must be some law at work – something’s happening that’s repeatable. And anything that’s repeatable is science.  

So, once we understand it’s not matter that’s going to change matter, we have one of two choices. We can give up – and resign ourselves to the limited, material world of what our senses can perceive and control.

Or we can open ourselves up to working with that invisible field of energy. And when energy informs matter, the possibilities break wide open. We evolve from the Newtonian world of cause-and-effect … to the 5-D world of causing an effect.

And, as more and more events repeat themselves – in this work, as more and more common people do the uncommon and experience healing – and more and more of us see what’s happening, it bridges a gap in our awareness. A collective consciousness begins to emerge. We begin to think of the “miraculous” or “impossible” as not only possible … but possible for us.

Input and Output: Shortening the Distance Between Thought and Experience

More than a decade ago, it challenged our beliefs to see that first man rise out of his wheelchair and – with help – take the first steps he’d taken since the accident that changed his life. What seems to be happening now, when multiple people experience similar healing events in a week, has to do with the powerful effects of a collective consciousness.

When the first person at our retreat last month in Denver – a former professional athlete struggling with MS – stood up and took his first steps in seven years, other attendees, also using wheelchairs, saw it was possible. It challenged – and changed – their beliefs about their own healing. It removed their doubt. They applied themselves with even stronger intention. And, by week’s end, they too were standing and walking.

When one person – that magic number one; that first person; that four-minute mile – stands in front of us and tells the story of how they did it, we can’t deny it any longer. The evidence is right in front of us. We’re witnessing a breakthrough in belief. We’re witnessing an evolved truth.

And now, we have someone to identify with. We’re seeing it also could be possible for us. And that shortens the distance between the thought of an experience in the 5-D realm of unlimited possibility – and the actual experience itself here in the 3-D world.

With stronger intention, we input more and more and more into the field. And the stronger the input, the stronger the output – the evidence in our lives that something major is happening.

The stronger the energy and awareness of the collective consciousness, the shorter the gap, then, between input – and output.

Revolutionary Healing

I know, for some people, this is hard to believe. Much of what I’m sharing is anecdotal at this point – though our ongoing scientific research is helping us show the correlations, and make the connections, between what we’re seeing and how to replicate it.

In Denver, it started with one person. He lifted himself off the ground, pushed himself to a standing position, and took those first steps. He shared his story – his truth – with a room full of people.

And his story wasn’t about trying to heal. It wasn’t about controlling an outcome. His story was about changing himself. That was his input into the field. And the output was his first step toward healing.

He may have more work to do. We all have more work to do. Everyone who experienced healing at the retreat to some degree; all of us in this work; we’re each at our own stage – our own step – of the journey.

Even a percentage of people experiencing “miraculous” healings – of common people doing the uncommon – is revolutionary, though. It’s powerful when we make a choice that something is possible for us – something we’d seen ourselves as excluded or separate from before.

Together, we’re creating a holistic model where more and more of us are making our own evolutionary leaps and taking our own miraculous first steps. And that, to me, provides hope for the world.