New Measurements, New Possibilities: Part II

New Measurements, New Possibilities:

Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 12 April 2019

At the end of Part I, I mentioned that when the neocortex becomes suppressed, the brain moves into a theta brainwave state, and as a result, this causes an increase of energy in the limbic brain. The limbic brain is the seat of the autonomic nervous system (the brain’s automatic self-regulatory system) and the part of the brain where the pineal gland is located. This is the region of the brain that receives information not through the senses, but like a radio receiver, in the form of frequency.

The brain scans we are recording when some of our students are in these supernatural theta brainwave patterns are occurring 10-15 standard deviations outside of normal. To give you an idea just how far out of range that is, if you were to measure a sampling of people’s height, weight, eyesight, hearing, liver function, intelligence, and so on, 99.7% of the population will fall within three standard deviations either above or below normal. That means our community has consistently been falling between 7 – 12 standard deviations outside normal, which is very significant. In fact, it’s supernatural.

If you are in theta brainwaves, as you sit there with your eyes closed and music playing in the background, because your attention is no longer on anything in the material world (your awareness is on the field, not matter), then your body is no longer taking in sensory information. When in this theta state, a person’s body is completely relaxed yet an increase in energy occurs in the person’s brain. The processing of this energy happens as the parasympathetic nervous system (the dominant nervous system of relaxation that deals with metabolic functions of the body) takes the body into a relaxed, semi-sleep state. When in this restful state, your breathing goes down while your digestion, metabolism, assimilation, and elimination work to create inner balance and restoration in the body.

If a person finds this door between wakefulness and sleep, they begin to dream lucidly. This is when—all of the sudden—they experience very high amounts of gamma brainwave patterns. We have recorded these gamma brainwave patterns hundreds and hundreds (eg. 160, 200, 260, 300, 400) of standard deviations outside of normal. Now both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system have merged, and as a result, gamma brainwaves­—which are carried by the harmonic of theta brainwaves—create arousal of the mind in the feelings of ecstasy or bliss, as well as creating a complete relaxation of the body in the form of calm and peace.

Because your body is asleep and your mind is awake, you are in the dream world between the conscious and the subconscious mind. If where you place your attention is where you place your energy, and you are tuning into the field with very little brain activity in the neocortex, like a radio antenna tuning into a transmission, the pineal gland (which has tiny crystals in it that oscillate at different speeds, allowing it to pick up information beyond the visible light spectrum) taps into frequency from the unified field. In fact, we have observed that the entire area around the pineal gland becomes highly activated. As a result, the person experiences greater and greater degrees of unity, oneness, wholeness, and order, because this is the signature of the unified field.

This is the moment when the pineal gland releases its metabolites. These are super chemicals that fit into the same receptor sites as serotonin and melatonin, but they carry a different message. Think of these metabolites as upgraded versions of melatonin that serve to heal the body, calm the mind, create a profound mystical experience, shut down the survival centers in the brain, and increase energy in the nervous system.

When this occurs, the person experiences hyper-perception and they usually have very profound mystical experiences. They have the feeling that they are experiencing another reality more real than this one. Thus, in the dream of their internal world, all of their senses are heightened. If their senses are heightened, this means their awareness is heightened, and if their awareness is heightened, then their consciousness is heightened—and as we know, you can’t have consciousness without energy. So the energy always rises in the brain and we have measured this over and over again.

The stronger the electrical activity entering the brain from the field, the greater that lucid inner event will be, and the greater that internal event is, the more it will literally reshape the microstructures of the brain. It’s a fact that experiences enrich the brain, and since experiences also create emotions, the type of emotion the person is feeling is less chemical and/or matter based and more like energy and frequency. The energy of that elevated emotion translates into bliss, exuberance, joy, etc., and because the feeling is so thrilling and coherent, the person pays attention to the experience in their mind. Now the brain is reorganizing new information so that we learn more about an entirely other aspect of the self. The stronger the emotion from the inner event, the more you pay attention to the pictures in your mind, and this creates long-term memories, thus building a bigger memory bank than who we are or what we know in this three-dimensional reality.

Our research shows that the heightened emotions are being experienced in a part of the brain called Brodmann’s area 30. This is an area of the brain responsible for profoundly joyful and loving experiences that create long-term memories—and we see this same pattern happening here over and over again.

In past measurements, we also have observed a person’s oxytocin levels elevate, causing them to report feelings of more wholeness and love. When they then open their eyes and come back to this 3D reality, they perceive a broader spectrum of reality—because we don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are. Now the mystery of the self is being revealed because we have activated new circuitries of perception.

The totality of this process equates to an upgrade to the human operating system. It’s exciting to see this happening on a regular basis because we now know that there is a repeatable formula. All of the research we’ve been doing is demonstrating that you don’t need to be a priest, priestess, monk, or rabbi to achieve expanded states of consciousness and self-awareness.

Everyone has the ability to do this, and that means anyone can experience it—including you.