Evidence Speaks Louder Than Words

Evidence Speaks Louder Than Words

Dr Joe Dispenza | 25 October 2019

Three years ago, Eefje, a student of our community from the Netherlands, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Upon the news of her diagnosis, she followed the suggested protocol and had surgery. At first everything seemed fine, but several months later her cancer came back with a greater degree of severity and aggression. By this time, it had spread throughout her entire abdominal area.

After reviewing her next set of scans, the doctors told her there was zero percent chance she was going to survive. Despite the news, she and her husband had a feeling the doctors were wrong. Eefje suggested to the medical staff that there was always a chance that someone could survive—and she truly believed it. The doctors apologetically disagreed with the couple.

Eefje immediately changed her diet, underwent chemo, and did everything else that was expected under such circumstances. Despite all of her efforts to address her cancer with conventional treatments—as matter to matter—her condition continued to worsen during this time. Even though the doctors' grim news remained unchanged, she still wanted to believe she could overcome it.

“Whatever you do, you’re not going to survive. You might live a month longer but that’s about it,” she was once again told. In so many words, the doctors advised her to go home to take care of her affairs.

One day not long afterward, while browsing YouTube,  she came upon one of my lectures and the information she heard resonated with her. Having nothing to lose, she bought my books, watched more videos, and began meditating. She even told herself that if she ever had a chance to go to an Advanced Workshop, she’d go. Sure enough, this past April she found herself attending one of our advanced weeklong events in Mallorca.

At first, she admits, she felt that she might not be worthy enough to receive a healing from her cancer. There are people here who are very sick and in wheelchairs, she found herself thinking.

On the last day of the workshop she received the news that she was going to be one of the people in the center of a healing circle. She immediately felt immense gratitude simply by the fact that she was selected. For the entire week she had struggled with some of the meditations, as well as her ability to get beyond herself, but on that last day, when she walked into the room where our community gathered to deliver a coherence healing, she had the distinct feeling she was going to be healed.

Once her body was on the ground and the healers surrounded her, the healing began and her body started moving uncontrollably without ever being touched by anyone. Energy was affecting matter. This kind of arousal continued along with profound feelings of pure love. At some point she felt as if something or someone reached inside her and pulled “something” out of her body. In that moment she had the thought, the cancer is gone. It’s lifted. She went home that night and told her husband she believed that she was healed—but she still had to prove it.

And so she went to her doctors to receive the necessary tests, scans, and evaluations. Sure enough, she heard the words she never thought she’d hear from a person wearing a white coat.

“You know what?” the doctor said. “There’s nothing to worry about. There is no single trace of cancer left in your body.”

Not only did Eefje imagine she could be healed, she imagined herself telling her story on stage in Cancun. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to her tell her story in her own words.