End of the Year Review - And What a Year It Was

End of the Year Review - And What a Year It Was

Dr Joe Dispenza | 18 December 2020

In 2020, one of my greatest personal challenges was not being able to run live events with our community, especially considering the incredible momentum we had behind the scientific evidence we were building. With increased regularity, by executing a specific formula for personal change, we were recording historic scientific results of common people doing the uncommon.

Beyond the science however—in witnessing testimony after testimony—people shared their stories of healings, their physical, emotional, and mental transformations, the new lives they created, and their mystical experiences—experiences which changed their perception of themselves and reality. Helping others have these liberating and transformative experiences is my passion, but what this mountain of evidence points to beyond all else is that, on so many levels, what we're doing could actually be the truth.

In March, the momentum was diminished because of the global pandemic, as well as the social isolation, social distancing, and the lockdown that ensued. As a result, we did our best to connect to our community via online events such as InnerMission, Unlocked: Set Yourself Free, The Center of the Magnet, GOLOV-20, and U.Inspire.Me. GOLOV-20 alone touched more than one million peoples lives. These were community-building events designed to remind all of us—including myself—to not be victims of our circumstances, but to adapt to a changing environment while finding creative ways to continue to evolve.

During this time, since I wasnt traveling, I had the time to record new meditations and update outdated ones, including:

Our community also began thinking outside the box by taking it upon themselves to start performing remote coherence healings, the results of which produced some profound effects in many people's lives. These remote coherence healing groups spontaneously emerged. Due to their success, we now have scientists from some very prestigious universities who are interested in understanding the mechanism behind them. So, in general, our community came together in many wonderful and unexpected ways.

While there have been great challenges for everybody that I've come in contact with, I think we all get exactly what we need to learn when we are challenged in such a profound way. Being challenged is about overcoming adversity, and that means we have to change the way we think about our situation and make different choices. When we do make different choices and start behaving differently, we create new experiences in our environments — experiences which produce new emotions. So while it has been a challenging year in many ways, I think if we choose to not see ourselves as victims, but we instead choose to see that at some level there's an opportunity for us to grow, we in turn create powerful new possibilities to expand and evolve who we are.

As the new year draws near, the celebrations of the holiday season are really about feeling renewed and complete. They are about counting our blessings and our abundance, and about contemplating what we grew to love about ourselves. Its also an opportunity to give. The act of giving comes from the heart, and when we begin to emulate the divine by giving, we begin to awaken that Christ-conscious energy—the divine in ourselves. Research shows that feeling those feelings causes us to want to give more, and the more we do this, the more we open our hearts, and all of a sudden it's no longer about us—it's about how we can contribute to the greater whole.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you can see this time as an opportunity for growth and going inward, so that hopefully you emerge as someone new—someone more powerful, more connected, more compassionate, more kind, more abundant, more giving, more willful, and more loving. I also wish that everybody continues to do the work. Embodying this work is embodying your truth and that is the goal.

Lastly, more than anything, I want to inspire you to continue to show up for yourself, continue to show up for a better future, continue to dream of a better world, and for those dreams to radiate out from your heart to affect and inspire all of those with whom you come in contact to do the same. Thats changing the world by being an example of the divine.

Happy Holidays.