Processing A Biological Upgrade

Processing A Biological Upgrade

Dr Joe Dispenza | 02 March 2018

At two of our most recent week long events—but especially in Santa Fe—upon leaving the workshop many people experienced flu like symptoms ranging from sinus congestion and mucus to body aches, soreness, fevers, coughs, and malaise. Some took antibiotics or drugs, while others went to see a doctor or visited the emergency room. Although the doctors couldn’t diagnose the conditions, for many of our students the doctors confirmed it wasn’t the flu or bacterial. So the next question is: What were people experiencing after the Advanced Workshop? The answer is a change in body frequency.

The inner workings of cells are governed by the innate intelligence of the autonomic nervous system. At the most microscopic level, inside cells are tiny tubules called microtubules. Microtubules are hollow, protein skeletal structures (essentially scaffolding) that not only support the cell and transport nutrients through little tunnels, but they are also very sensitive to frequency. These microtubules can beat as slow as a drum to as fast as an antenna, and when they vibrate at faster frequencies in elevated states, it causes them to emit more light and coherent energy.

As you may know, all light is energy, energy is frequency, and all frequency carries information. As the cell emits a field of energy, it puts them on a wave length (you can think of it as all of the cells collectively being tuned into a certain radio station) that allows them to all tune into the same frequency. If they are sharing and carrying the same frequency and energy, then you have a set of cells or tissues all on the same wavelength—meaning they are all acting in coherence because they are vibrating at the same frequency. When all the cells are operating in such a state of harmony and coherence, we call this health.

I believe that the quantum model of disease suggests that sickness and dis-ease are caused by a lowering of frequency and an incoherent frequency. If a person has an imbalance or health condition where cells are not functioning at a certain level of coherence, it’s like static on the radio and those cells can’t communicate the information. Thus, the cells no longer function in harmony or coherence. The result is that this lowering of frequency reduces, or even ceases, the flow of proper information between the cells.

It was once thought that cells communicate because of charged molecules interacting with each other (although that’s the side effect of some greater instructions), however, the latest research in information biology says otherwise. Instead, the exchange of coherent light between each cell is sent and received on the frequency of various emotions—since emotions are energy in motion.

Raising the Body’s Frequency

At our two most recent events, for a week people focused on raising their body’s energy. They did this by connecting to the unified field, opening their hearts, and creating brain and heart coherence. The last three days of the event we also practiced three powerful coherence healing meditations, which connected the healers to a greater frequency, which was then facilitated through their nervous system.

In order for people to truly heal someone else, they have to get to the frequency of the fourth energy center. It is here in the heart, in this center of oneness and wholeness, where we begin to connect to the quantum (or the unified field). It’s here where the union of polarity and duality exists.

The pattern of disease exists in light, so when people start opening their heart and energy starts moving from their lower three centers up into their heart, once it reaches their heart the research shows it continues up into their brains. As it moves upwards, it moves through the neck, down through the nerves, and into the hands (which is what enables people to facilitate a greater frequency). Once someone begins facilitating the frequency of wholeness, as the cell becomes more whole and less imbalanced, it’s going to go through a host of chemical, biological, and genetic changes.

When this occurs and a person really elevates their body’s frequency, as the cell gets a vibrational change, it releases waste and eliminates toxins. The cell essentially opens up and dumps anything from the past that is unhealthy. This intense release of waste creates a huge stress to the immune system. Because there is a change in energy and frequency, the body begins to transmute, and this causes the flu like symptoms for many people.

I am writing this blog so that our community will change their belief that every time someone feels flu-like symptoms after a week long retreat, they don’t think they are “sick.” If any one of you felt the power and energy of this greater frequency during any of our advanced events, understand that the release of toxins, which were stored in the cells, is actually a good thing—not a bad thing. Instead, it’s the elevation of frequency that is causing the body to experience a biological upgrade. In the process, an enormous amount of physiological changes take place causing the body to reorganize itself on a cellular level. The cell will then eliminate, secrete, absorb, and even breath better. So just hang tight and know that you could either experience the symptoms now or experience them later. Like a snake molting its skin, you are shedding what is no longer needed. When you see it as your past being burned away, you just might bless it.