Change the Field, Change Matter:

Change the Field, Change Matter:

Dr. Joe Dispenza | 01 March 2019

Part I: From Materialism…

Many people who have a disease in their body think they have to change the particular disease to make some “thing” like a tumor go away. As a result, they take the time to perform all the prescribed treatments and protocols. They may change their diet, or take chemo, or practice yoga, or drink their kale smoothies, or undergo surgery, and so on. While this can certainly be effective, and while it is definitely important to eat healthily, exercise, and take care of your physical wellbeing, the belief that these prescribed steps are the only way to heal has to change. Why? Because if you understand that the disease exists as a pattern in the field (in addition to matter), then if you change the field, you change matter. What do I mean?

Mystics have always said this reality is an illusion. To dissect this idea, we first need to look at what reality is, or rather, what it is generally accepted to be.

At first glance, the 3D reality in which we live is made up of people, places, things, objects, and time. Time is when you move from one point of consciousness to another point of consciousness (as in, I am sitting at the kitchen table and want to get something from the refrigerator). When you collapse those two points of consciousness, you collapse space, and as you collapse space, you experience time.

If where you place your attention is where you place your energy, and if you are constantly placing your attention on all of the elements in your outer environment that cause you emotional stress (i.e. people, places, objects, things, and time), then over time you become habituated into living by the hormones of stress, as well as the resulting chemicals they produce. Because those very chemicals heighten our senses, they cause us to narrow our focus on everything material. The more we do this, the more we become addicted to those inflammatory emotions. This is how we become materialists, seeing only matter without the radiant field of energy.

In addition, by living in a constant state of survival, in time we rob the body’s natural field of light by turning it into chemistry. The chronic long-term effects of living under this type of stress limits our ability to feel connected to the field. The result is we start to experience separation. So instead, we fall into the illusion of matter trying to change matter, and the healing takes time because we have to get up and move our body through space to get what we want.

As a materialist, because we are so focused on the people, places, objects, things, and time in our environment, the understanding is that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. But this is the great cosmic joke or the grand illusion—just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. To believe the opposite is how we get conditioned into putting our attention on everything material.

If where you place your attention is where you place your energy, and all your attention is invested in this 3D reality, then you will have to play by the rules of Newtonian physics. Thus, if you have a tumor or a disease and you want to heal or change your life, because you’re matter trying to change matter, it’s going to take time. The more you believe you are your body—localized in space and time—the more you try, force, control, predict, manipulate, or do whatever it is you think you have to do in order to heal or change your life.

But that’s not the end of the story…in Part II, I’ll discuss the inverse of materialism, as well as what happens when you disinvest your attention out of this 3D reality and invest it into the field, a place in which only energy, light, and information exists as frequency.

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