Are You Ready to Break Your Four-Minute Mile?

Are You Ready to Break Your Four-Minute Mile?

Dr Joe Dispenza | 24 May 2019

In 1954, Roger Bannister did what was once thought impossible—he broke the four-minute mile by running it in 3:59.4. Up until that point, it was perceived the human body could not physically run that fast for such a distance. Not only was it thought to be too hard, but doctors warned it was dangerous.

Bannister’s main competitor was an Australian named John Landy. Both had their eyes on the four-minute barrier, but Bannister beat him to it. After Bannister broke the record, he was quoted as saying he believed Landy had lost heart, and that what was once Landy’s goal had become a barrier. Yet only 46 days later, Landy also broke the four-minute mile.

In the 65 years since, the “four-minute barrier” has been broken more than 1400 times. Once this barrier was broken, more and more people were able to do it because the ceiling of that limited thought in the collective consciousness ceased to exist. The moral of this story is—once you stop believing something is impossible, it stops becoming impossible.

Time and time again we are seeing this same domino effect at our workshops. It only took one person to recover from stage IV cancer, one person to recover their hearing, or one person to reverse a rare genetic disorder for countless others to follow suit.

Through independent studies, my research team and I have produced quite a bit of scientific evidence in the last 10+ years to prove to people how powerful they really are. In doing so, all sorts of things once thought impossible are becoming possible, for instance you can:

  • Change the way your brain works (for the better), as well as your brain chemistry.
  • Learn how to self-regulate to produce heart coherence on command.
  • Change your energy (which is how you change your future).
  • Change your gene expression.
  • Strengthen your immune system by adjusting your attitude.
  • Lengthen your life by using meditation to alter your genetic timeline.
  • Influence your automatic nervous system to work better.

While Bannister left literal footsteps in which others could follow, so too are our students leaving footsteps in consciousness upon which others can tread. In this day and age, evidence is the loudest voice, thus once you see that others can do “it,” so too can you. It’s for this reason why we started creating testimonials on our YouTube channel—to prove to you what is possible.

This of course, begs the questions: If others can do it, why can’t you?