Adding Nutrition to Balance the Body

Adding Nutrition to Balance the Body

Dr Joe Dispenza | 11 October 2019

There are three types of stress—physical, chemical, and emotional. Each of these stressors knocks the physical body out of its natural state of balance, otherwise known as homeostasis. Likewise, these three types of stress can be countered by balancing the physical, chemical, and emotional states back into order.

For years we’ve been teaching people how to shorten their emotional reactions by pausing between the stimulus and the response. When done effectively, this should diminish the very hormones of stress that push the genetic buttons which create disease. The problem is, many people get stuck in emotional states, and 70% of the time these states are derived from the hormones of stress. The longer one remains in these emotional states, the more the long-term effects of stress push the buttons of genetic disease.

One of our most popular and powerful meditations for bringing balance to the body is the Blessing of the Energy Centers, the purpose of which is to program the autonomic nervous system back into order. This series of meditations helps bring balance to people by having them rest their attention in each one of the energy centers of the body. Each of these centers has its own energy and frequency, and frequency carries information. Each center also has its own hormones, glands, chemicals, and plexuses of clustered neurons that are under the control of the autonomic nervous system. Essentially, each center is its own individual mini brain.

When the brain gets out of balance due to the hormones of stress, it creates incoherence, and as a result, each one of these little brains sends very incoherent messages to the cells, tissues, and organs in the body. By practicing a convergent focus, however, which means resting your attention in these centers - if where you place your attention is where you place your energy - you’re directing your energy to bring balance and order to the very center you are focusing on.

As you tune into the energy around these centers, you begin to create coherence in each of these little brains; that’s how people in our workshops have been responding to—and healing from—all sorts of medical conditions. Every time you create balance in each one of these centers, a coherent message is being sent to all the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.

The Value of Nutrition

Despite the fact that I have a background in nutrition, over the years I had been hesitant to talk about it, even though I have always provided nutritional consulting in my practices. The reason is that people tend to move to the extremity, believing that to change their inner state they need to make changes outside of them. The fact of the matter is, when we are less dependent on conditions in our outer world, we have more power and control over our lives. That’s not to undervalue the importance nutrition plays in bringing the body back to homeostasis.

In thinking about this, it occurred to me that, when we are putting our attention on each center and providing it with the proper instructions in the field, it would also be a good idea to provide the proper raw materials in the form of nutrition. As an example, a hormone is a protein made of amino acids, and amino acids—like box cars on a train—are the building blocks of complex proteins.

In addition, there are certain vitamins and minerals that are essential cofactors in helping to assemble, build, and create hormonal balance. By adding other important ingredients to help the body move back into chemical balance, and by providing more raw materials, we could say that the body is being given all the necessary components to make hormones. If we add natural herbs and plant-based products that have been clinically proven to create more hormonal balance, now we are providing the nudge of even more raw materials that the physical body is looking for.

But having all the necessary ingredients to cook a French dinner still doesn’t make the meal. We need instructions to prepare, organize, and cook the food.

And so I began researching many peer-reviewed articles to see what cofactors, vitamins, and minerals could help facilitate hormonal changes, in addition to other natural herbs and ingredients that could be beneficial in bringing more order to the body. It’s for this reason that I partnered with a company to create different amino acids that are correlated with different hormones related to each center. Thus, if you provide the raw materials to the body in the right amounts, and you provide the proper instructions in the field by blessing these energy centers, then the body has both the correct instructions and the proper nutrition to build healthy hormones.

So, while we’re teaching people how to create a high level of order and coherence in the field around each of these energy centers, we are creating very clear instructions to inform matter (chemicals and hormones). Why? Because coherent signals from coherent frequencies carry coherent information. By providing all of the raw materials to manufacture these hormones and chemicals, and teaching people how to organize energy in each energy center to instruct matter, then when the body is looking for those chemicals, they will be readily available. That being said, the thought occurred to me—why not provide the very raw materials that would help to create more hormonal and chemical balance?

Thus we are advancing the teaching of the Blessing of the Energy Centers by selecting the best ingredients for these products to help people who have health conditions—or at least want to perform better—so they can begin to program the different hormonal centers of the body into more chemical balance.

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