A Return to Scientific Testing

A Return to Scientific Testing

Dr Joe Dispenza | 27 September 2019

For the past decade, we have been performing extensive scientific research and measurements to demystify the process of personal change and transformation. The evidence we’ve gathered points to a formula that, when followed, directly affects people’s biology. Amongst countless other results, what we’ve found is that by people simply changing their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and energy, they can produce profound positive effects on their genetic expression, neurology, immune system, longevity, heart and brain coherence, and overall health.

When we began changing our events to week long formats, we changed the direction of our scientific testing by introducing a challenge activity. The purpose of the challenge activity is to teach people how to self-regulate in situations that would normally elicit a survival or stress response. The idea was, for example, if they could master their fears in the controlled challenge activity, then they could take what they learned from it into their daily lives. Starting with our most recent event in Niagara Falls, New York, however, once again we have returned to scientific testing. Why?

With increasing regularity, our week long events have been producing what could be qualified as miraculous events, healings, and happenings. The results we’ve produced and the testimonials we’ve recorded speak volumes as to what is occurring, and the evidence has drawn the attention of many scientists who want to perform more research studies at our events. The reason: our events have become the perfect environment to perform scientific experiments—for an entire week, a community of people are doing the same things (like meditating in the same ways for the same amount of time), eating similar foods, embracing the same emotions, and all in the same localized environment. Essentially, the isolation is like observing a Petri dish under a microscope, because we get to observe what’s happening over time.

Over the years, one organization we have worked closely with is the HeartMath Institute. Beginning at our most recent event in Niagara Falls, New York, we have once again begun partnering with them to perform preliminary studies on heart coherence during our coherence healings. What we were initially looking for is an entrainment of the autonomic nervous system. The thought is that if we have a group of people moving into heart coherence during the coherence healings—and they are truly opening their hearts and tuning into each other’s frequencies—the collective coherence amongst those administering the healing should see a unanimous (or at least majority) change or synchronization in their autonomic nervous systems, as well as the way their hearts regulate. So we were looking for specific markers that would tell us that the entire group is moving into heart coherence. At the same time, we thought it would be a great opportunity to measure the heart of the person receiving the energy as well.

What we were also looking to see was if the person upon whom the healing was being performed moved into similar patterns as the people who were administering the healing. We also wanted to see if we could identify a signal that was actually changing the field around the person who was getting the healing. In other words, change the field, change the effect on matter. That’s the theory.

Moving forward, we’ll be exploring how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems merge and work together. Once we can tease out the data, in February of 2020 at the Indian Wells Weeklong event, we will also do measurements of specific protein biomarkers that signal various regenerative properties when genes are signaled in the proper way.

Starting in Niagara Falls, however, in partnership with the HeartMath Institute, we began looking at the real-time effects of heart coherence in our coherence healings. We also invited our brain research team to perform real-time brain maps to further the investigation of our research. Once again, we made history, and our entire team was overjoyed.

There is an obvious trend now happening in our scans, and it’s becoming reproduceable. Anything that is reproduceable becomes scientifically observable and more explainable. In fact, we can now predict when a person is headed towards a transcendental moment—and we are getting better at helping people do it more regularly. In February of 2020 at the Indian Wells event, we will also combine brain scan measurements and correlate the data with both our heart coherence measurements and the protein markers.

Stay tuned as I’m excited to share the future results with you.