To Heal Her Spine, She Changed Herself

“This wasn't about a physical journey anymore – this was about a spiritual, mental, whole-body, whole-life experience.”

Two accidents in two years left Adrienne with serious spinal trauma. For almost a decade, impaired mobility changed everything she knew. Once a vibrant, active woman, she now faced life in a wheelchair – and neither Western nor alternative treatments offered hope of relief.

After immersing herself in Dr Joe’s work, Adrienne understood she first needed to overcome herself. Then she was chosen as a healee in a Remote Coherence Healing™ session. Though progress was slow, the experience taught her the importance of surrender. She began to improve, day by day, grateful for every small gain. Today, Adrienne can walk – and run – along the beach again.

Recorded at the Marco Island Advanced Follow Up Retreat in September 2023