Becoming Another Person – a Person Without Breast Cancer

“… in May, I received the Coherence Healing, a remote one. And in July, again, more scans – and the cancer was completely gone. I had no sign of cancer in my body.”

The first time Lorena received a diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer, she followed every treatment protocol – strong courses of chemotherapy and radiation, a double mastectomy, and surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes. She also began to examine her lifestyle and state of mind ... and experimented with meditation.

When the pandemic hit a couple of years later, the fear and anxiety that had fueled Lorena’s life returned – and so did the breast cancer, which had metastasized to her lungs. This time, Lorena resolved to truly change. “I remember the day I said, ‘I’m not going to die with cancer,’” she says. “‘I will heal myself. I’ll go deep in this work. I will understand this work, and I will meditate, and I will do something different.’”

At her first retreat with Dr Joe, community members encouraged Lorena to believe in her ability to heal and to create a new life; one where she was a different person – a person without cancer. Months later, after a remote Coherence Healing™ session, Lorena’s scans showed something she already knew: the cancer was gone. And, two years later, she is still clear.

Recorded at the Cartagena Week Long Advanced Retreat in January 2023.