Stories of Transformation - Bonnie

After losing the ability to move her legs and feet, Bonnie was told she would be dependent on a walker or wheelchair for the rest of her life. She was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome – a rare autoimmune condition that can lead to complete paralysis – and later chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, with a similar dire prognosis.
Once introduced to Dr Joe's work, Bonnie fully dedicated her life to healing her condition – learning to change her perspective from being a victim to a creator.
Bonnie later shared with our team "I can honestly say that one of the greatest highlights of my life was getting up on this stage in front of 1,350 people and sharing my story about how I healed myself from a chronic autoimmune disease, CIDP."
Bonnie was a Give to Give Foundation scholarship recipient. For more information about Give to Give:
Recorded in April 2021.