She Became ‘Worthy to Receive’ – and Healed a Blood Disorder

“When Dr Joe spoke to us, he said, “Do you feel worthy of receiving?’ That phrase made a lot of sense to me. That said, this is my time. And I’m gonna heal.”

Celia had a lifelong habit of focusing on others – and not paying attention to herself. So, when she began to develop unusual symptoms several years ago, she dismissed them. She came up with other reasons for the strange bruises, weight loss, dizziness, and spots on her skin.

Celia was surprised when the symptoms led to a diagnosis of immune thrombocytopenia, or ITP. She began a regimen of regular treatments to ensure her platelet count stayed at safe levels. But even with treatment, she couldn’t keep up with her normal pace. Celia turned down a path that led to her first retreat with Dr Joe, where she was selected as a healee in Coherence HealingTM sessions.

As she prepared for the healing sessions, Celia realized she had to confront several devastating losses in her life. And when Dr Joe asked if she felt worthy to receive, she made a decision. This was her time to heal. She was going to move beyond old, painful stories of loss – and embrace joy.

Celia emerged from the Coherence Healing feeling cleansed – and knowing she was healed. As months passed, and she continued her meditations, her need for medication lessened. Finally, she received the news she’d felt in her heart at that first retreat. She was free of ITP.

Recorded at the San Diego Advanced Follow Up Retreat in March 2024