She Became a Different Person – and Healed Herself

“You have to trust, believe, and surrender in something far bigger within yourself. No one has any idea the power and the magnificence we all have within our being – and we had never been told.”

When Pirkko took on a demanding job more than 20 years ago, she struggled to manage the stress. She soon began to suffer a series of symptoms throughout her body that rapidly escalated – and began to accumulate diagnoses and medications at a staggering rate. PTSD, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, syringomyelia, depression and anxiety, and breast cancer – the treatment for which led to lymphedema and cellulitis. Hospitalized with sepsis multiple times, she was taking opioids, a “cocktail of narcotics,” and strong IV antibiotics – all long-term.

As her conditions – and reactions to treatments – worsened and compounded, Pirkko’s depression deepened. She lost her will to live. After a time, working solely “matter to matter,” Pirkko managed to get some of the conditions and symptoms under control. But she knew something was missing. That’s when her daughter told her about Dr Joe. Without hesitation, she began to meditate daily -- and she hasn’t missed a day in more than three years.

Today, Pirrko is completely pain-free – and has been off all medication for years. “Now that I’m working with energy, and not just matter, things shifted completely,” she says. “… and it just gets better and better.”

Recorded at the Australian Week Long Advanced Retreat in March 2023.