Shared Healing:

Mother and Son ‘Liberated’ From Anxiety

When Maninder’s son was just 18 months old, he was informally diagnosed with autism. Struggling with overwhelming anxiety, he was preoccupied with worst-case scenarios – unable to focus or function in triggering situations. Maninder tried every available therapy, but nothing worked. She considered the possibility that her son, now 10 years old, would never be independent.

At their first Week Long Advanced Retreat, she and her son took part in three days of Coherence Healing™ sessions. Maninder had no intention of healing herself, but in the very first session, she felt “something negative” breaking inside her – something that allowed her to feel hope for her son for the first time in nearly a decade.

“I couldn't have expected somebody would have changed in those three days,” Maninder says. But, by the time they’d returned home, her son’s anxiety appeared to be gone. To her surprise, Maninder had experienced her own healing, as well. “I had that part of my heart that said, ‘Healings take time,’” she says today. “No. They really don’t.”

Recorded at the Denver Week Long Advanced Retreat in July 2023