Overcoming Chronic Fatigue – by Overcoming Herself

“I could feel that movement of joy and happiness moving outwards toward others. ... I think that was healing to me; to not have it just be about me.”

When Rima first became sick with chronic fatigue syndrome, she managed the symptoms with myriad alternative therapies. But long COVID compounded the problem – and her fatigue became overwhelming. As her world got smaller, Rima began to look for other ways to heal.

After discovering Dr Joe’s books through an online course, Rima began doing the work at home. She began to feel something shifting – and decided to go all in. “I think maybe what needed to happen was for me no longer to rely on something external to myself – but do it within me,” she says today.

As she began to change her energy, Rima’s life began to change. And, as she overcame more and more aspects of herself, she began to heal.

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in December 2023