Love Healed Her Heart Murmur

“When I went home the next week … my heart didn’t skip beats anymore. My heart rhythm was so regular and so reliable; something I had never known. It’s absolutely miraculous.”

Sonia had lived with the increasingly disruptive symptoms of a heart murmur her entire life. In recent years, it had become serious enough that her doctor wanted her to consider medication or a pacemaker. Sonia was reluctant to try either.

During a Coherence Healing™ session at her first Week Long Advanced Retreat, Sonia was honored and humbled by her role as a healer – and overcome with the love and support in the room. When she turned her hands toward the healee in front of her, powerful energy surged into her chest. Sonia was profoundly uncomfortable – but something told her to hold the line.

When she laid down that night, Sonia realized her heart rhythm was regular. It didn’t skip any beats – and it hasn’t since. “When you turn your hands out, anything – anything – is possible,” she says. “And anything could happen – like it did to me.”

Recorded at the Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat in September 2023