Her Love and Intention Healed Her Son

“I don't know what I did; I just felt my heart. And every day, every night, I was thinking to heal my son.”

Raissa came to this work with a clear intention: to heal her son Téo. A condition called urinary retention was causing him serious infections. When doctors recommended surgery, Raissa began to meditate day and night, opening her heart to new possibilities. Within a year, Téo’s initial condition had disappeared – without medical intervention.

But there were still more challenges to overcome. Developmental difficulties left Téo unable to walk or talk. Heartened by his first healing, Raissa began attending Dr Joe’s retreats. There, she connected with others in the community who encouraged her to share her story.

At her last retreat, Téo was welcomed as a healee in three Coherence Healing™ sessions. A week later, Raissa’s son began to speak – and then began to run for the first time in his young life.

Recorded at the Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat in January 2024