Healing a Lifelong Stutter Through Surrender

“I was just going to surrender to the wholeness and see how my body changed. I wasn’t thinking about my stutter ... I just wanted to let my energy figure out what needed to be done.”

Since he was very young, struggles with speech affected Steven’s relationships and life choices. Because of a persistent stutter, he refrained from public speaking – and chose a legal career where he wouldn’t have to present arguments.

At his first Week Long Advanced Retreat with Dr Joe, Steven discovered a correlation between his fifth energy center – where his throat is – and his connections with other people. For a short time, the stutter subsided. When it returned, he realized he had more work to do. At his next retreat, Steven focused on wholeness. He stopped focusing on his throat, let go of controlling the process, and surrendered. He came out of the meditation in a new body, a new environment, and a new time. And the stutter was gone.

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in December 2023