By Healing Others, She Healed Her Autoimmune Disease

“What is happening inside of our body, inside of our mind, is just pure magic. I recognize that I was doing things to heal myself.”

Katherine grew up with what she calls “Big T” trauma, leading to a life of challenges – from depression and anxiety to autoimmune disease. Though she was familiar with Dr Joe, she hadn’t really invested in the work. Then, in 2023, she committed to attending a Week Long Advanced Retreat and spent the next few months immersing herself in the teachings and meditations.

At the retreat, Katherine began experiencing energy coursing through her body in ways she’d never felt before. With each meditation, the energy grew – until, during a Coherence Healing™ session, she touched the mystical and knew she had been healed. Later tests confounded her doctors, showing she had been cured of the supposed “lifelong illnesses.”

“You don't have to be sick to come here,” she says of the retreat. “There are other pieces and fragments inside of you that get lost along the way, because we're so busy surviving – and once you have those pieces back, it's just incredible.”

Recorded at the Marco Island Advanced Follow Up Retreat in January 2024