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Recognized Healing Groups

What is a Recognized Group?

What is a Recognized Group?

Around the world, there are a number of small groups that conduct Coherence Healing™ sessions in alignment with Dr Joe’s teachings. Some are just starting out and planning to grow; others are very experienced and comfortable with their size and capacity for healing sessions.

We are pleased to recognize such groups – when their leaders are verified advanced students who pledge to conduct healing sessions according to our standard protocols. Recognized Groups may conduct healings in-person, remotely, or both. Because of their size and number, we cannot offer direct oversight to these groups. Therefore, we do not provide links or information to contact Recognized Groups directly.

How Do I Know if a Group Is ‘Recognized’?

How Do I Know if a Group Is ‘Recognized’?

We maintain a list of current Recognized Groups that have pledged to align their practices with Dr Joe’s methods. Community members can use this list to confirm that a group they’ve encountered is one we have recognized as such. We encourage our community to refer to this list and verify such a group before they:

  • Schedule a Coherence Healing session
  • Choose to join a group as an advanced student healer

How Can I Experience a Coherence Healing?

Scientific Research

For more than a decade, our team has conducted thousands of hours of original research – observing common people doing the uncommon, measuring the results, and analyzing the data. The evidence demonstrates there is a clear formula for creating lasting changes in the body and mind.

Stories of Transformation

Watch stories of personal breakthroughs, miraculous healings, profound transformations, and powerful creations from our community of students around the world.

The Healing Library

Find support for your healing journey in this curated collection of meditations, lessons and insights from Dr Joe, inspiring stories, and community resources.