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Science has become the contemporary language of the mystical. In fact, it is science that demystifies the mystical. When we started seeing measurable changes in people’s health, as well as in their lives, it became evident that something was happening within a person’s mind and body—and we felt it was important to measure those changes.

“Repeatedly, we have made scientific history by observing and measuring common people who are able to do the uncommon.”

In the last ten years, we have made great strides to demonstrate to people that true lasting change is possible. The evidence we have compiled from thousands of brain scans and HRV testing, as well as testing gene expression, immune regulation, cellular metabolism, and longevity measurements, is proof that common people can do the uncommon. And now, this evidence has become the loudest voice. Through our work, we have created a formula that shows how we can induce, predict, and replicate certain states, and that once learned, these states can be applied to greater and greater depths of human potential.

Case Studies

Case Studies


Dr Joe, along with Thomas Feiner and Normen Schack, two members of the neuroscience branch of our research team, explain how changes in one of our student’s brainwave state led to a profound mystical experience during a meditation.

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Case Studies

Case Studies


Rollin McCraty, PhD and Carla Stanton, MD show a student’s heart rate variability (HRV) scan to demonstrate how sustained heart coherence conditioned a student’s body into the perfect state to heal. This amazing case history will demystify the healing process.

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Case Studies

Case Studies


Danijela Debelic, MD and Rollin McCraty, PhD discuss the relationship between heart and brain coherence by showing the strong resonance between a participant’s quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) and electrocardiogram (EEG) readings.

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Case Studies

Case Studies


Rollin McCraty, PhD and Carla Stanton, MD present a powerful case study about a student at one of our retreats maintaining heart coherence for more than 45 minutes during a meditation.

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Research News & Updates

UCSD: Water, Blood, and the Microbiome: Bridging the Physical, Biophysical, and Biological Divide
UCSD: Water, Blood, and the Microbiome: Bridging the Physical, Biophysical, and Biological Divide

The research partnership between the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Dr Joe will celebrate its two-year anniversary in February 2022. In helping to de-mystify the impact of the mind on the body, what has been achieved in under two years has been nothing short of amazing, leading...

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UCSD: Molecular & Biochemical Research Study...Update
UCSD: Molecular & Biochemical Research Study...Update
Dr Joe partnered with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) over a year ago to measure a host of biological markers to determine if meditation results in a biological signature to capture how the mind affects the body in novice and experienced meditators in our community.
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Bond University Analyzes Five Years of Dr Joe's Brain Research
Bond University Analyzes Five Years of Dr Joe's Brain Research
Dr Joe partnered with Bond University Department of Psychology located on the Gold Coast in Australia and University of Auckland Department of Neuroscience and Psychology to analyze the first five years of the brain scan research conducted at our events.
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Good News About Your Inner Pharmacy

Taken from our March "Leaving the Monastery" Livestream, Dr Joe discusses some good news with Dr. Hemal Patel.

Dr. Hemal Patel's presentation in Denver, CO

Dr. Hemal Patel's presentation in Denver, CO

Watch Dr. Hemal Patel's scientific research presentation at the July 2021 Week Long Advanced Retreat in Denver, CO.

Published Scientific Articles

The biological dimensions of transcendent states: A randomized controlled trial

This study evaluated the biological dimension of meditation and self-transcendent states. A convenience sample of 513 participants was drawn from attendees at a 4-day guided meditation workshop. Half were randomly assigned to an active placebo control intervention. All were assessed on a variety of measures, both psychological [anxiety, pain, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), positive emotions, and transcendent states], and physiological (physical functioning). Additional biological assessments including salivary immunoglobulin-A (SIgA), cortisol, and Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) were obtained from subset of the Experimental group (N = 117). No significant difference in psychological symptoms or positive emotions was observed between Experimental and placebo groups at baseline.
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The Large Effects of Brief Meditation Intervention on EEG spectra in Meditation Novices

This study investigated the impact of a brief meditation workshop on a sample of 223 novice meditators. Participants attended a three-day workshop comprising daily guided seated meditation sessions using music without vocals that focused on various emotional states and intentions (open focus). Based on the theory of integrative consciousness, it was hypothesized that altered states of consciousness would be experienced by participants during the meditation intervention as assessed using electroencephalogram (EEG). Brainwave power bands patterns were measured throughout the meditation training workshop, producing a total of 5616 EEG scans.
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One-Minute Deep Breathing Assessment and its Relationship to 24-Hour HRV Measurements

Heart rate variability (HRV), the change in the time intervals between adjacent heartbeats, is an emergent property of interdependent regulatory systems that operates on different time scales to adapt to environmental and psychological challenges. Low age-adjusted HRV has also been confirmed as a strong, independent predictor of future health problems in both healthy people and in patients with a wide range of diseases and correlates with all-cause mortality. 24-hour HRV recordings are considered the “gold standard” and have greater predictive power on health risk than short-term recordings. However, it is not always practical or cost effective to obtain 24-hour HRV recordings, and short-term recordings have been widely used in research and clinical applications for many years. 
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Scientific Research Team

Hemal H. Patel, PhD

Professor & Vice-Chair for Research
Department of Anesthesiology
University of California, San Diego

Rollin McCraty, PhD

Director of Research at the HeartMath Institute

Carla Stanton, MD

Family and Functional Medicine Doctor
HeartMath Clinical Reporter and Coach

Juan Pablo Zuniga Hertz, Ph.D.

Project Scientist
Department of Anesthesiology
University of California, San Diego

Tobias Moeller-Bertram, MD

Director/Owner, VitaMed Research, LLC
Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of California, Riverside

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If you are affiliated with a university, or a scientific or academic organization, and are interested in researching, analyzing, and/or measuring the quantitative effects of consciousness, meditation, and/or the mind-body connection, please click the link below to submit a BioSketch for consideration. If you would like to make a donation to advance our research or contribute to a specific research project, please click below.

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