Year End Roundup, An Interview with Dr Joe Dispenza: Part I

Year End Roundup, An Interview with Dr Joe Dispenza:

Part I

Tim Shields | 21 December 2018

You and your team just completed the first full year of seven-day events. From where the work was a year ago (with the workshops being four-and-a-half days) to where they are now (with the workshops being week-long events), how has the work evolved?

The whole purpose of changing to seven-day events was because right around the end of the original four-and-a-half day advanced workshops, which was usually on Saturday or Sunday, people started to have miraculous, wonderful, transcendental experiences. These experiences led to mystical moments, healings of both the mind and body, and the creation of wonderful opportunities in our students' lives. But then right when it started to get really interesting, right when we were starting to gain momentum, the event was over.

So the rational was, if we could get people to retreat from their lives for seven days—if we could give them numerous opportunities to connect to the field and get beyond themselves, as well as apply a formula that we now know based on our research produces significant energetic, biological, neurological, chemical, hormonal, and genetic changes—then we could go further than we had ever gone before, and that’s exactly what’s happened. This year we had ten week-long events and the outcomes have been way bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. In fact, I never thought that I would be witnessing in my lifetime what I am currently witnessing. In a sense, I am waking up in my dream.

That’s exciting

It really is. What’s most exciting to me is that we have a community of people who are beginning to philosophically, intellectually, and theoretically understand the language—and science is that language—of how to be a creator and how to affect our outer world by changing our inner world. We have a community of people who have been practicing this for a period of time, and we now know based on our research that a good portion of our community has the ability to do this very well, thus it’s becoming so much more common.

How do they do it?

It’s really no different than learning and practicing how to ski. Each time you go down the mountain you get more comfortable with the idea of skiing. Thus each time you go down the mountain you challenge yourself a little more. Your skiing becomes more complex, more sophisticated, and on more complicated slopes. This challenges you to master some aspect of skiing and this is exactly what’s happening at our seven day events. People are connecting more deeply with the field and as a result we’ve seen significant remissions of all kinds of health conditions from cancers to tumors to Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, lupus, skin disorders, and genetic disorders, to name a few. Some conditions that were difficult to diagnose even disappeared instantaneously. The instantaneous change is a testament to our students not only being able to develop as a skill connecting to a certain level of consciousness, but connecting to a field of information so as to employ that connection towards an outcome. So if you do this enough times, it gets easier and becomes a skill.

At our seven-day events we’ve seen dramatic changes not only in people’s health, but healings from past childhood traumas and scars, some of which our students didn’t even know they had. For many, these healings and mystical moments transcend language. In addition, our students are beginning to better understand dimensions. In our community, the ability to heal others is also becoming common, or the new normal. The creation of something out of nothing is something that has become an ambition for certain students and some students are getting very good at it. This means they’ve thought about the process enough times so as to stop doing things the way they’ve been doing them and start applying the formula. But all of this is to have people function better in their lives.

What does functioning better in their lives mean exactly?

What we’ve found is that if we give people an opportunity to apply the same formula we use in our events—that is to say while they are sitting comfortably with their eyes closed and listening to gentle music—and then we present them with a challenge activity, if they can apply that formula with their eyes open they can master the moment. And if they are mastering the moment, then they are not succumbing to the seduction of stress hormones or the hardwired programs that have over thousands of years become genetic programs. This is how fear became adapted.

So in the challenge activities, if we set up conditions where our students would normally feel fear or any self-limiting emotion—where they would normally be discouraged, where the voice in their head rises up against their will, where their heart and brain become incoherent because of their reaction to a situation—if they can transcend that fear they can begin to transcend their genetic propensities. Now we’re going counter to our biology. If you can rise above those programs, unconscious reactions and behaviors when presented with a challenge activity, then when the challenges in your life arise, you can move through whatever that barrier, adversity, or resistance is with a certain amount of coherence and rhythm. This requires us to rise to a different level of consciousness—a consciousness of the heart.  That is for example, to surrender to love instead of fear.

Our last seven years of research tells us that our community is very good at doing this, so let’s step it up. If we are first able to do this at our workshops with our eyes closed, and can then do it with our eyes open in a challenge activity, when we return back to our lives we can more easily break out of the prison we’ve created for ourselves. Now when we come up against those challenges and adversities, we don’t contract, but rather we move through them by applying that same formula. Every time we contract, we build walls around ourselves, but now our students are beginning to understand they hold the keys to their own prison.

As our students move through these barriers, we’re seeing that this is where the most magic happens in their lives. But all of the work really comes down to optimal functioning in the world and living and creating the life we want. So I feel really solid and happy about the progress we’ve made in 2018.

Have there been any outcomes that are particularly surprising to you?

There’ve been a few. First, in our coherence healings we’re seeing profound changes in people’s physical bodies without ever having to touch them. Coherence healings are where we teach our students how to collectively create a coherent field of energy around a person who needs some sort of healing. In doing this, we’ve seen tumors disappear and we’ve seen more than one stroke victim restore motor and sensory function. We’ve also seen massive changes in immune regulation and nervous system disorders.

In an instant we’ve also seen people who were partially blind be able to see, or people with hearing problems suddenly be able to hear. These are healings of biblical proportion, and when you see, experience, witness, and/or are a part of the healing, you start to feel more empowered. You start to believe you can do more—and then you start to believe other things are possible. We’ve gotten really good at the coherence healing, but I want to push our community to get great at it. So that has been significant and really memorable.

Second, in some of the challenge activities we’ve done we’ve seen massive breakthroughs in people’s fear and anxiety levels, as well as their levels of worry and vigilance. We’ve also seen significant changes in people’s depression and suicidal tendencies. When people in these challenge activities understand what they are doing and why, the how gets easier, and this has led to some really big breakthroughs.

The third thing that was unexpected for me was the increased level of consciousness, connection, love, and energy that our community shares as a collective. At this point we, as a species of human beings, are a living organism and the living organism knows how to sustain itself. It knows how to grow and flourish and it knows how to take care of and heal the living organisms that aren’t doing well, so we are taking care of one another. There is a level of connection that is taking place where you have a group of people who are striving to create a new normal—and they are passionate about it. I am so proud of them because they do the work and they are overcoming fear and several limited emotions. So those are some of the things that are memorable for me.

Is there one in particular healing that stands out in your mind?

Well, there was one recently in Brighton where a woman nurse had a stroke and the stroke affected her optic nerve. Because the optic nerve feeds the back of the brain, as she looked out to see what would normally be a circular visual field, in the left lower quadrant of her field of vision—from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock—she was blinded. That means a quarter of her vision was missing when she looked down and to the left.

When she went to seek medical care, the doctors told her that her condition would probably stay the same or get worse, so she was going to have to learn to live with it. However, one doctor who was a colleague said to her, “Why don’t you try the work from Joe Dispenza?” As you might imagine, for a number of reasons this was really shocking to me.

So this woman did the online course, she read all the books, and prepared herself for the event in Brighton. At the end of one of the meditations, as she laid down she started hearing this crackling sound in her brain, as if crumpled-up paper was being pulled out of her head. Because it was so clear, so loud, and so unknown, she surrendered to it. When she came back to her senses, to her amazement she could see completely. On the Monday morning after the event she went to the doctor for a visual field test. Based on objective measurements, she experienced a complete 100% recovery to her field of vision.

Now the most interesting part of this is that people who witnessed this started to believe it’s possible. You see, from a medical standpoint, the medical model says that recovery from a stroke will usually occur in two weeks. If recovery doesn’t happen in that time, you shouldn’t expect any changes. In other words, in the normal, conventional model of medicine, nerve damage has lasting effects.

But if you understand the science of how it’s not matter that emits the field—it’s the field that creates matter, and that if you change the field you change matter—then you could see how something that has literally been irreversible in medical history could be possible. We’ve had other stroke victims who were paralyzed and couldn’t lift their arm over their head, and yet after the coherence healing they could. So there’s big, exciting stuff happening and we’re going to start documenting it so as to create some metrics around it.

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Tim Shields is the author of A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment.